I’m Jennifer, my dog Peach is a huge fan of Vital Essentials. I wanted to reach out and tell you a little bit about our experience using your Turkey toppers. We’ve been using them as a supplement for the last 5 weeks to help up her Taurine levels and aid in holistic heart health.

Peach was diagnosed with a severe grade 3 heart murmur at 7 1/2 weeks. We were advised by our vet to either return her to the breeder or to be ready to use euthanasia.

Neither of those options were what we wanted to do, so we decided to accept her fate and just give her the absolute best life we could for as long as she had left. Managing any symptoms holistically through diet and supplements.

At our last vet appointment, they were blown away at how much she had improved, and even down graded her diagnosis to a level 2.

I’m a nutritionist and have zero back ground in animal health, but I would like to say thank YOU for making such a big difference in the health of my pup, Peach! – Jennifer