pet dog with vital essentials chicken entrée

My dog, Alaska, has been raw fed since she was 1 year old. However, it would always be a long chore to do meal prep and sometimes, I would forget thaw the food before meal time. Not to mention my husband hates the idea of butchering and handling raw meat so I was always on my own! Ever since I discovered Vital Essentials, I have been loving the progress and results that I’ve seen in Alaska. It gives me a peace of mind knowing the quality of the food I am feeding her, and takes the difficulty out of feeding frozen raw. Everyone who cross paths with us compliments her on soft and shiny coat, clean white teeth and fit physique. Her health is superb for a 3 year old and it is so rewarding to see what a species-appropriate, balanced and healthy diet can do for our 4-legged family members. A proper nutrition feeds the soul and their health is evident inside and out. Alaska is thriving on VE and I’m so happy to have discovered such a company that prides itself in providing the best quality food for our companions.