I discovered my love for dogs 10 years ago when I started fostering and dog walking. I adopted my 5th foster, Macy, a 3 year old Tibetan Terrier, then fostered 40 puppies. I adopted foster number 45 in July of 2020 because I saw his calm, gentle soul and knew he would be the best certified therapy dog. I named him Zeke. At 3 months he started having skin issues. I spent the next year working with the vets to try and get him better, but he kept getting worse. In September of 2021 I accidentally found a dog nutritionist. She had me stop all topicals and just use neosporin, and I started him on Vital Essentials freeze dried rabbit mini nibs food along with goatmilk. After a month I noticed a difference, at 2 months an even bigger difference, mid February 2022 we started trying the salmon version and shortly we’ll be trying the duck. Vital Essentials has been so supportive through my introduction to raw food for dogs, with covid taking a turn for the better. Zeke will be getting certified shortly and start visiting kids in the hospital mainly through the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation, and for anyone else who could use his help. He’ll be 2 on April 23, 2022 and through all his pain he still has that calm gentle soul I saw at 8 weeks old. – Theresa