“My dog, the pickiest of all dogs. I love her so Much but, I couldn’t get her to chew on any type of bone or chewy. I took her to the pet store to let her try to find one she likes and get crickets for my duckling, Juniper thistle. Well, after searching the store, nothing. We were all stumped. So we buy the crickets and go to leave the store when someone came to me to talk to me about how beautiful Luna is. We were talking and I told her I couldn’t find a single thing for her! She said, well your dog seems to like those. I look down and she grabbed a Bully stick and was chewing on it, Going to town! I Freaked Out. I said, I have to buy these for her. She wouldn’t let go of the bully stick so I grabbed another one and went to the cashier and said I am getting 2, the other one is in My dogs mouth. Luna was walking around with it in her mouth like the princess she is. Everyone laughed. I said okay, let’s go bye byes, so she walked out to the car with it in her mouth, tail and nose head high like she won the lottery. Jumped in the car and chewed it all the way home. Cutest moment ever with her in public. Forever buying them for her.”