I adopted Remington from Friends of Homeless Animals. He was a picky eater, didn’t ever want to eat his food and even most treats. All of a sudden, he became super itchy and could not be left alone; as a result, he would scratch himself until he bled. I tried limited ingredient kibbles, special foods and treats, and nothing helped. The vet did not have answers for me and it was devastating that sweet puppy was so itchy. We heard about a pet store near us from family, and decided to check it out. The pet store owner was amazing and understanding, and educated me on Remington’s immune system. His food was full of fillers, and I had no clue. I just knew I had switched him from a kibble that wasn’t the best, to a food that I thought was better. With her help, we were guided towards a raw diet supplemented by Vital Essentials treats and the raw bar. Suddenly the itching decreased dramatically, and fur began growing back. Remington is almost 100% better thanks to his friends at Fetchri and the yummy Vital Essentials treats that they sell!