Nova is a 3 year old tabby that I have raised since she was about four weeks old. I noticed when she was a kitten her mouth area would flare up and hot spots would appear behind her legs. I did a lot of research and tried all of the best cat kibble and wet food, but no matter what I tried her food allergies would persist. Despite giving her quality kibble and canned food, I was still weary because of the ingredients that I had no clue what benefit they had for cats. I decided to try raw food because it made perfect sense looking at a much smaller ingredient list that I could cut out what she was allergic to. It was not easy to transition her to a raw diet; it took about two months of persistence! It paid off when I noticed no more flaring up or itchy skin, it was like night and day; I had finally figured it out. She has tried Rad Cat, SmallBatch and Primal, but I know her favorite is Vital Essentials, because there are no fruits or veggies in any of their recipes. Recently, Vital Essentials was kind enough to send us a voucher so she could try the Vital Cat Frozen Rabbit Entrees, and she loved them! I mean seriously once she tried rabbit she was hooked, and any time I would open the fridge she was meowing at me to give her more! Thank you Vital Essentials for being such a great company, and giving Nova the best diet that I feel 100% positive feeding to her.