cbd dog treats anxiety relax
Shortly after the passing of our elder dog, our younger dog, Harvey required three surgeries within the following month.  Following the traumatic events, he refused to eat, refused medications, refused to take his CBD liquid or treats. He would isolate himself and was anxious.  We knew CBD has helped him in the past, but we tried many CBD liquids and treats which were always refused.  Our local pet store What’s In The Bowl recommended Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Hemp Dog Chews “Relax”.  He ate the healthy meat product without hesitation, and within a few days his appetite, energy, and easy going personality returned.  Not only has Vital Essentials helped during the acute stressful time, it now is helping with his arthritis and joint pain.  We have eliminated all his joint health supplements and his mobility and energy continues to improve.  Vital Essentials contributed greatly to us getting our dog back!  Thank you!
-Judy Carlson