dog playing with owner and licking her face - how dogs show love

Want to know how your pet shows their love for you? Well, here’s 15 ways they show you every day that you are their special someone.

1. Rubbing up against your legs 

  • Sometimes you can only take a short step before there are paws and tails tangled around your legs. 

2. Snuggling with you 

3. Wagging their tail

  • Sometimes your pet gets so excited their entire body wiggles! This is their way of saying, “I missed you! I love you! Please give me attention!”

4. Visibly excited when they hear your name 

  • If your pet has memorized his or her human’s name, and they start jumping up and down, meowing or barking when they hear it, you know you must be someone really special. 

5. Sleeping next to you at night

  • Did you know that 75% of dog owners let their dogs sleep in the bed with them? Why wouldn’t you snuggle up with your furry family member at night when there are so many benefits. From the shared body heat, to the relaxing purrs, to the safety of knowing your pet is by your side, there are just so many great things about sharing your sleeping space with your pet.

6. Purring

  • Cats purr because they are happy and content. Since your kitty can’t talk, purring is their way of saying “I love you” in the only way they can.

7. Slowly blinking at you

  • Have you heard of oxytocin? It’s called the “love hormone” and it’s been shown to increase in people, dogs and cats when you and your best furiend see each other. The slow blink is your pet’s way of communicating just how much they adore you.

8. Giving you smooches

  • As youngsters, puppies will lick their parent’s faces as a way of showing submission. Mother cats will lick their kittens as a way of grooming them. Just like with humans, dogs and cats use kisses as a way of showing affection for their favorite person.

9. Rolling over for belly rubs

  • When your pooch or kitty rolls over on their back for a belly rub, they are in a very vulnerable position, and they are showing you just how much they trust you. They know you’d never hurt them and they love the closeness that comes from a nice soft belly rub.

10. Sharing their favorite toy with you 

  • Sometimes our pets can be spoiled and they will latch onto their favorite toy and refuse to give it back. When your dog drops their favorite ball in your lap or your kitty drops their toy mouse at your feet, they are sharing their most prized possession with the person they care about the most.

11. Placing their paw on you

  • We are our pet’s entire world. They don’t understand why we spend so much of our time staring at small screens or typing at a computer. If your fur baby nudges you or places their paw on you while you’re busy, it is simply a gentle reminder that they are there for you, they care about you, and they would love a good ear scratch or belly rub.

12. Jumping on your lap 

  • No matter how old our dogs and cats get, they are still our little babies. Sometimes they don’t realize they are too big to sit on our lap, but they try anyway. Savor every minute of snuggle time with your pet, because snuggling is your pet’s love language.

13. Getting the zoomies when you come home

  • It’s safe to say that most dogs and cats get the zoomies once in a while. Whether it is after a warm bath when they’re feeling clean and frisky, or when they’re hunting down that pesky laser pointer, getting the zoomies is a sign that your pet is feeling their absolute best and they just need to expel a little bit of their excitement.

14. Following you around

  • If your pet is your shadow, and you find yourself nearly tripping over them because they’re right under your feet, it is simply because they want to be by you. The things you do are interesting to your pet and they want to be involved. Plus, if your pet is following you around, then they can keep their eye on you and they know you are safe.

15. Trying to get you to play with them

  • Dogs and cats naturally love to play with other animals of the same species, but if your pet is trying to get you to play with them, it means they consider you family. They have accepted you as the leader of their pack and they want to do everything they can to engage you and make sure their human is involved in their favorite activities. After all, no matter how old you are, everyone enjoys spending time with their best friend.

There are so many ways that pet’s share their feelings with us, and even though they can’t speak, we feel the bond we share grow stronger every day. Celebrate that bond with your pet with some rewards like Vital Essentials freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats and spend a little extra time relaxing or playing with them to show them how special they are to you! 

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