cute puppy looking for holiday gift

It’s that time of year where we bake Christmas cookies, decorate the tree and listen to holiday music on repeat. As you shop during the most wonderful time of the year, don’t fur-get your favorite furry friends. We compiled this holiday pet gift guide for every type of owner and their pet.

Pet Gifts for the Adventurer


You’re ready to explore the great outdoors and camp with your pet! Along with your necessities, bring your pet’s items such as their toys, leash, dog bed, water dish and towels. Looking to enhance your adventure even further? Consider one of these gifts for your pup:

GPS Tracking Collar
When staying at a pet-friendly campground, you never know if your curious pal may get lost! A great gift is a GPS tracking collar; it’s quite helpful when searching (and searching) to find your dog and many are either waterproof or water resistant, just in case they find a nice lake to jump in or it starts to rain.

High Visibility Collar
A more budget-friendly option to the GPS Tracking Collar is a neon, reflective or light-up collar so you can see them better in the dark or with a flashlight.

Resealable Pet Food & Treats
Especially in the ‘middle of nowhere’, it’s important to always pack extra helpings of your best friend’s food. Vital Essentials freeze-dried patties or freeze-dried nibs already come in a resealable bag, and are easy to portion so your pet can continue on their healthy raw diet even when away from home.


Your pooch is waggin’ its tail for the ultimate w-a-l-k. For all the narrow paths, sticks and stones and little critters, be extra cautious and buy these pet gifts:

Pet First Aid Kit
You never know when they could step on something unexpected or they encounter a poisonous plant. Make sure the first aid kit includes hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic towelettes, antibiotic ointment, elastic bandage wrap and a tick remover (just in case!)

Convenient Pet Treats
All that exercise is sure to make Fido hungrier than ever. Bring along some minnows freeze-dried treats or freeze-dried bully sticks to help hold them over until dinner time. Plus, you can reward them for their excellent hiking behavior!


With the right attitude and equipment, any dog can become a paw-some running companion. Purchase these gifts before running with your dog:

Hands-free Dog Leash

Get a hands-free dog leash so you both can run more freely without worrying about getting tangled or not having enough hands to hold your dog, drink your water and more.

Portable Pet Water Dish

Gift them a portable dish so they can take as many water breaks as they need—just like you. Many pet water dishes collapse, making them easier to take with you on outdoor adventures.

Pet Booties

As you train your dog to run with you, keep in mind that humans handle temperatures differently. In the winter, be on the lookout for sidewalk and road salt because it can heat up between your dog’s toes and give them burns (some pet booties might do the trick!)

Pet Gifts for the Traveler


As you prepare for your next vacation, buy your jet-setting travel companion (aka your pet) these gifts:

Pet Travel Carrier
Your pet can fly as your own personal carry-on! Most airlines require dogs and cats to stay in the carrier throughout the entire flight, so make sure its roomy enough for your purrfect pet to stretch and lay down. You can always contact the airline to confirm their pet carrier requirements for correct measurements and specifications.

Dog or Cat Harness

In addition, your pet will need to walk through airport security before boarding the flight. We recommend purchasing a dog or cat harness to safely contain them outside of their carrier. And t-r-e-a-t them for good behavior with duck nibs freeze-dried treats—they’re small enough to take with you!


“WANNA GO FOR A CAR RIDE?!” might possibly be your dog’s favorite words. As you gear up for another road trip, keep your pets safe in the car and grab these gifts:

Pet Car Seat

For smaller breeds, dog and cat car seats resemble a pet bed that hooks up to your vehicle. Typically, they also have a harness that holds your pet securely while you’re driving, acting as a booster seat that helps keep them safe.

Dog Seat Belt

For larger breeds, a dog seat belt is ideal. It hooks to your dog’s harness so the pulling force is spread out to be better protected in an accident. The seat belt should be loose enough that your dog can still comfortably move but snug enough that your dog is secure.   


Looking to bring your furry first mate out on the water? Even though most dogs are natural swimmers, it’s important to keep them safe with this gift:

Dog Life Jacket

When bringing your dog on a boat, you should have a personal floatation device such as a dog life jacket. This gift will help your dog stay safe in the water by helping them keep their heads above water and not tire as easily.

Before purchasing a dog life jacket, make sure it has a handle so you can grab your dog, a d-ring (to attach a leash) and bright colors so you can easily spot your pooch! Other water safety tips for dogs include providing clean drinking water, being your dog’s lifeguard and rinsing them after swimming.

Pet Gifts for the Homebody

Pet Projects

If you prefer staying at home, you can create some great do-it-yourself dog and cat gifts with simple materials:

DIY Dog and Cat Toys

Pets that need challenging puzzles and mental games deserve these DIY games for dogs and cats. All you need is a muffin tin, blanket, tennis ball, egg carton and Vital Essentials dog treats for mind-boggling fun!

Holiday Pet Gifts

For the howl-idays, you can make a dog or cat advent calendar filled with their favorite things and a homemade paw print ornament using hot water, salt, flour, paint and Mod Podge. These paw-esome personal gifts will truly put a smile on any pet’s face.

Netflix Binge

If you and your pet love to snuggle on the couch and watch the latest season of your favorite show, then we know the purrfect gifts:

Pet Furniture Protector

Keep your dog or cat comfy and cozy on any piece of furniture! Pet furniture protectors come in a handful of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials for your pet’s preference including memory foam, cool comfort and more. Tip: Find a couch protector that’s machine washable and 100% waterproof (just in case!)

Raw Pet Food Patties

As you curl up next to your pet with a bowl of buttery popcorn, your dog or cat will become quite jealous of your snack. Our frozen patties will satisfy your pet’s cravings, especially while you pop another bag of movie theater goodness.

Bubble Bath

Most dogs and cats HATE taking a bath, so you want to try and make it as relaxing as possible. Here are some helpful gifts to make baths a more enjoyable experience:

Pet-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

A good bath with a high-quality pet shampoo and conditioner helps keep their skin and coat clean, healthy and moisturized. There are a variety of options including hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, biodegradable and natural that are made for every pet.

Microfiber Pet Towel

Instead of using a plethora of bath towels to dry off your wet animal, microfiber pet towels are the way to go. They absorb more water, making it easier and quicker to get your pet warm and fuzzy.

Pet Brush

For those long-haired furry friends, a pet brush is essential to detangle their hair and remove any unwanted knots in their coat. 

Cat Nail Clipper

Our pro tip is to trim your cat’s nails before giving them a bath. Otherwise, claws and scratches could become part of your bathroom routine. To ease the process, use freeze-dried cat treats as a reward!

For other fun gifts, read last year’s holiday pet gift guide and discover all the paws-abilities to treat your dog or cat.