The weather is warming up.  Spring fever has struck.  Easter is a great time to get out outside for some fun with your four-legged family members with an Easter Egg Hunt!  Here are our tips for a fun-filled, safe egg hunt for your backyard.

Tip #1 – Safety First

If you know your dog will chew or eat plastic eggs, an Easter Egg Hunt with hidden plastic eggs may not be the best activity for your pup.  Try an eggless hunt or put treats in an interactive toy that can be hidden. Easter Egg Hunts should always be supervised.  And, it’s best to invite canine friends that know commands like “drop it” or “leave it”.  Be sure pet parents are also involved in the fun to ensure their pet’s safety.

Navy with Easter Basket
All Navy wanted from the Easter Bunny was more Vital Essentials treats!

Tip #2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Give your dog a practice run.  Place a treat filled egg in front of your dog so they can sniff out the goodies inside for a quick snack.  Then, place a few eggs on the ground in plain sight where they can be easily found.  Once they get the hang of it, lead them to a hidden egg filled with treats – this will help them understand the concept of finding other eggs.  Have fun and encourage your dog throughout the egg hunt!

Tip #3 – What’s That Smell

Fill your eggs with smaller treats that have a strong, delicious scent.  This is a nose work game.  The best eggs to use are affordable, open easily and have small holes on the top and/or bottom that will release the aroma of the treats inside.  Pick a treat that has a strong odor – we recommend Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Salmon Nibs, Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Ahi Tuna Treats or the Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Tripe Treats.  You can also use any of the freeze-dried mini nib entrees which come in four different flavors:  Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Duck.

Loki the Kitty King sniffing out Chicken Hearts
Mommy loves to challenge my sniffing skills with Vital Essentials!

Tip #4 – Dogs Only

Keep your dog-friendly Easter egg hunt exclusive to canines.  If you’re planning to host an egg hunt for the kiddos, be sure to keep them separate.  You don’t want your pup to get into eggs that contain chocolate, small items or other human treats.  And, you definitely don’t want the kids to accidentally open an egg containing dog treats.

Tip #5 – Keep Track of Your Eggs

Write down the location of each hidden egg.  Eliminate the possibility of your dog or child finding some stragglers days or weeks after your egg hunt.  We’ve all had those moments where we second guessed ourselves and thought, “I think we found all the eggs…”  Remember Tip #1-Safety?

Lucy and Holly Easter Photo
Easter is the only time it’s okay to put all your eggs in one basket!


Good luck with your Eggstravagent Easter Egg Hunt!  Be sure to take lots of pics and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us #VitalEssentials.


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