June 26 is National Take Your Dog To Work Day! Here are a few tips to help ensure your pups paw-ffice visit is a pawsitive experience.

Tip 1: Pack a doggy bag with a blanket, toys, and some yummy treats and snacks, to keep your pet occupied during their visit. Don’t forget to throw in a water dish if it’s going to be a long day. 

Tip 2: Potty your pup before leaving for work. Being in a new environment can excite your dog which can lead to an accident. It’s best to spend extra time before leaving to make sure your dog has actually gone potty.

Tip 3: Have a backup plan. If your dog is distracting you and you can’t get any work done, bring a kennel to put your pup in or make arrangements for a relative or friend to pick your dog up and take them home.

Tip 4: Set up a private pup-space near your workspace. Having a bed or blanket next to your desk gives your dog a space near you to feel safe. Throw some toys in, and your dog may be the best behaved in the paw-ffice!

Tip 5: Make it fun! It’s not every day you get to take your best fur-iend to work with you, so make sure you make it a pawsitive experience and enjoy the extra time you get to spend together.

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