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The candy cabinet is stocked, the decorations are up and the costumes are ready to go. But as you’re finalizing your Halloween plans, don’t forget about the furriest members of your family.

Even if your dog or cat isn’t a fan of Halloween costumes, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with your pet. These spooktacular games and crafts are sure to make for a hauntingly good time with your dog or cat this Halloween!


Learn Spooky New Tricks

Start practicing right away to be ready for the big day! Teach your dog a fun and easy trick with a Halloween feel. 

How about the Zombie Crawl, where your dog crawls towards you on all fours? To begin, first tell your dog to Lie Down, and then keep one hand on their shoulders while you hold a Vital Essentials treat in front of their nose. Keep the treat just outside of your dog’s reach so they have to move forward to get it and keep your hand pressed lightly on their shoulders so they can’t stand up. That will result in your pooch crawling forward on the ground. Repeat the command word while they’re performing this behavior (maybe “Zombie?”) and it won’t be long before your dog learns the trick! 

Other fun Halloween tricks include the Werewolf Howl (howling on command), Play Dead and Peekaboo.

Don’t want Salem or Binx to feel left out? It may take more patience, but cats can learn tricks, too. Start with Sit or Shake and work your way up to Fetch!


Monstrous Halloween Treats 

Trick OR treat? We say…why not both??

For the perfect Halloween snack sure to give your pet a thrill, stop by your local pet retailer and step up to our VE RAW BAR. There you’ll find a wide selection of snacks like Pig Ears, Pig Snouts and Duck Heads. All of our VE RAW BAR snacks are delicious, nutritious and just gruesome enough for the spooky season.

If you combine your new snacks with some clever Halloween decor, you can even create a murder most fowl – so that it looks like your ferocious pooch or killer cat took down the unlucky pig or duck themselves!


Feline Halloween DIY Toys 

It doesn’t take much to give your kitties a DIY Halloween surprise they’ll love and you’ll love laughing at!

All pet parents know that everyday items like bags and boxes make for the most entertaining cat toys. If you decorate a paper bag with a ghostly design, it’ll look like the ghost is coming alive when your cats roll around in the bag. Sprinkle some Vital Cat Treats in the bag for Whiskers to go wild!

You can also turn a cardboard box into a DIY masterpiece by making a Halloween Monster Box. Use markers, paint or print-outs to decorate an upside-down cardboard box with “CAUTION: LIVE ANIMAL” or “DO NOT FEED” signs and jagged scratch marks. Poke a few holes in the box that look like the beast inside is trying to escape. 

Finally, place the box over Kitty so they’re hidden inside (we doubt you’ll have to coax them for this one) and wave a toy in front of the holes. Your cat’s claws darting out will make them your very own Halloween Monster!


Halloween Hounds Scavenger Hunt

This Halloween game is a blast for all hounds, pooches and mutts!

Have your dog (or dog pack) Sit and Stay while you hide yummy Vital Essentials Treats in secret spots around the house (under a pillow, behind a chair, in the mouth of a Halloween skull…). Then, release the hounds and let them sniff out the goods! Treats with a strong scent like Beef Tripe Treats or Chicken Hearts work best for this game.

For an extra challenge, don’t let your dogs watch you while you’re hiding the treats. (But make sure YOU know where they are, in case your pup’s sniffer misses a few.)


Carve a Pawsome Jack-o-Lantern

Finally, take your creativity up a level with a pet-themed Jack-o-Lantern! It’s up to you whether you craft a detailed homage to your dog or cat, or simply zero in on your pet’s most notable feature. Just remember, if you use real candles, don’t leave your creation where a curious kitty or pup could get into it or knock the candle over.


As we get closer to the spookiest night of the year, don’t miss out on these fun and easy last-minute additions to your Halloween festivities. There’s plenty to do with your dog or cat on Halloween to ensure the entire family enjoys the thrills and chills of the season. 

From our fur-family to yours, we hope you have fun, stay safe and have a very happy Halloween!