Dog being brushed

Occasionally you may feel it’s necessary to trim your pet’s fur between grooming appointments. This process can be dangerous because you’re using sharp utensils around a wiggly pet, so it’s always better to leave trimming to a professional groomer. However, if you do decide to trim your pet at home, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Try brushing first. It’s safer to brush or comb out any problem areas rather than using scissors. Check out this blog on Brushing Your Pet to learn more.
  2. Use a detangler. There are a variety of detangling products on the market for dogs and cats that can help to safely loosen up tight matts. 
  3. Use caution when bathing. Bathing your pet can help loosen up dirt and debris, but if your pet has any tangled or matted fur, bathing can actually tighten the matts up. Only bathe your pet after thoroughly combing through the fur. Check out these blogs to learn How To Give Your Dog A Bath or How To Give Your Cat A Bath. 
  4. Try using a table. If you groom your dog or cat while they are higher off the ground, such as on a grooming table, your pet may be less wiggly. However, only use a table if you are able to safely secure your pet and never leave your pet on a grooming table unsupervised. Check out this blog for a Grooming Supply Checklist.    
  5. Use safety scissors. Always seek out a professional groomer before attempting to trim your pet at home. However, if you do decide to trim your pet, use safety scissors with a blunt end that is designed specifically for grooming pets. 
  6. Avoid injury. Use a comb to pull the hair away from your pet’s skin and use the comb as a barrier between the skin and scissor, to prevent injury. If you do accidentally nick your pet, seek out veterinary attention immediately. 
  7. Only trim what’s necessary. Focus on only trimming areas that are necessary for your pet’s comfort and health. Problem areas that you may need to trim include your pet’s bottom, potty area, or belly.  
  8. Keep it positive. Try to remember that dog’s and cat’s don’t necessarily realize you are trying to help them by brushing or trimming them. The possibility of being poked or cut with a scissors is scary for your pet. Take frequent breaks, praise and reassure your pet, and reward them using tasty Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs or Vital Cat Treats

One final thing to keep in mind: The diet you feed your pet can significantly affect grooming. A healthy, shiny coat is less likely to become tangled and matted, and may even help repel dirt and debris naturally. Check out this blog to learn How Your Pet’s Diet Effects Grooming. You can also check out our other Blog Posts, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit the Vital Essentials Website and enter your email to receive exclusive offers.