Jack: Hello out there in Raw-Bar-land! This is Jack….

Agnes: And I am your lovely hostess Agnes….

Jack: We are on location at WGBA in Asheville, NC to your jump start your holiday gift shopping. Have you found any unique presents out there for your furry family members? Is your shopping complete? If not, then pay attention!

Agnes: Oh yes, please pay attention to me…I need much more than you are giving me. Tsk.

Jack: Agnes, seriously? Your sweater is too tight; you steal everyone’s toys and treats. Then you have the nerve to say you don’t get any attention? I swear Agnes, mom is not gonna be happy at all.

Agnes: My sweater is not too tight I’m just fluffy! And it is my size after all, an extra extra small.*

Jack: Whatever Ags. Anyway, we have a smorgasbord of fun gifts for stockings, paw-ties and secret Santas!  Two of our favorite gift items are:  Treat Holders and Door Bells.

This treat holder is my favorite! Mom and Dad stick the treat in it and when it gets small, you don’t swallow it. It’s brilliant. We usually put our favorite Duck Heads inside.

Door Bells for pups are great!  Agnes needs these since she always has to potty. We like to mess with our family and ring them even if we don’t have to go out. That’s called a good time in our house.

Agnes: Oh my, do you see these Pretty Colored Poop Bags and Dispenser? They make great stocking stuffers. Pink is my favorite, but they also come in all different paw-tastic colors.

And did you see the M & M Blinking Light? Jack and I are all black so these help our humans find us at night.

Jack & Agnes: Our last favorite holiday item is the Giant Gnome! We love gnomes, since we are practically their size. Fluffy, squeaky and they kinda look like Santa.

Jack: Hey Ags, you may not get anything from Santa since you have been so sassy this year. My stocking will be full, however. I am hoping it is overflowing with Moo Sticks and Turkey Necks. Dee-lish.

Agnes: I beg to differ. Santa knows I am on the nice list. We all are and the nicest gifts are the yummiest.  That’s all for now from WGBA studios in Asheville.

*Agnes weighs eight pounds and is very fluffy, but wears a small

Ann Marie Sindt is the owner of Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in Asheville, North Carolina. She and her husband Kevin bought the store in 2016 when they took a leap of faith and relocated to Western North Carolina for a more relaxed life with their two sons. They brought two dogs with them to Asheville and have since acquired three more. Ann Marie never turns down a foster dog that can fit in with her pack of canines. They have previously lived in Hong Kong, Oregon, Georgia and Florida.