JACK:  Hi there!  It’s me, Jack, Chihuahua importante.  Just a quick disclaimer…last time I did the Jack and Agnes show on the Vital Essentials blog by my self.

Shhh….Agnes still has no idea!



AGNES:  And, I’m Agnes, Pomeranian princess.

It’s been a while.  Did I miss a week???



JACK:  It’s time to get our humans back to school.  This is my favorite part of the year.  We send the humans out of the house, and once again the peace and quiet we furry friends LOVE is restored! The sofa is all ours again and the magic closet that contains the treats is usually left open.

Today’s blog is about those treats we love and to celebrate the end of summer.


AGNES Treats? Seriously Jack? They’re not just treats! They’re actually delectable delicacies that stimulate the palette and excite the senses! I cannot get enough.


JACK:  Yes Agnes, we know you love just about everything, but let’s just pick a few to showcase our favorite ones:



JACK & AGNES:  We thought about sharing with our local furriends, but after not very much thought, we decided to keep all the treats to ourselves. It is so much more fun that way.


JACK:   I had much more control than Agnes, as you can see from our video clip. It was very hard to decide where to start first! The salmon skin was divine. Savory, compact and dee-lish. Brilliant.


AGNES:  Did you see how I primped for the shoot? That bow took hours to get in my hair after grooming. I loved every minute of looking gorgeous! Jack just had to put on a tie. Boys!


JACK:   Ok, well, getting back to the treats…My favorite by far is the Turkey Neck. Yum-my. The Duck Head works well when paired with the Pig Snout. Chicks dig our bravery in the treat department. Romancing the ladies is muy importante! (Agnes excluded!)


AGNES: I really love these taste tests. When you want to devour all the samples, it’s so hard to choose a favorite. The Turkey Neck took my breath away. Who knew us pups could have the most amazing flavors to choose from.


JACK:  We hope you enjoyed our review and enjoy the last few days of summer (we certainly will, we get to come to the shop every day!). Coming in our next issue will be our favorite holiday gifts. I can’t wait for Christmas. At least I know Santa is leaving me stuff under the tree. The jury is still out on Agnes. Cheers y’all!

Ann Marie Sindt is the owner of Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in Asheville, North Carolina. She and her husband Kevin bought the store in 2016 when they took a leap of faith and relocated to Western North Carolina for a more relaxed life with their two sons. They brought two dogs with them to Asheville and have since acquired three more. Ann Marie never turns down a foster dog that can fit in with her pack of canines. They have previously lived in Hong Kong, Oregon, Georgia and Florida.