Before we can talk about the benefits of a raw diet for your pet, we must first understand WHY pet parents choose to feed their cats and dogs a raw diet.

Today’s pet parents have many options to choose from and many pet parents feed their cats and dogs kibble. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to a kibble diet – it is extremely high in soluble carbohydrates.

According to Dr. Richard Patton, “The modern dry diet [is] higher in soluble carbohydrate than anything animals ever ate throughout evolution.” Our pet’s biological machinery was perfected to survive with a near lack of soluble carbohydrate. Today, pets are fed kibble diets that create constant blood sugar spikes due to excess soluble carbohydrate. “A lifetime of eating excess soluble carbohydrates is a lifetime that is shorter than it needs to be,” says Patton.

Kibble can contain between 28 and 45 percent soluble carbohydrate. This predisposes a number of problems. It promotes the wrong bacteria in the gut, compromises immune capability and may lead to allergies.

It is because of poor pet health that many seek a raw diet to reverse some of the ill effects caused by kibble. Switching your pet’s diet to raw can result in tremendous benefits. Here are some of the changes you will see:

  • Less and more firm poo to pick up in your backyard
  • Overall improvement in health, resulting in less vet bills
  • Weight loss from overweight to healthy weight, and maintaining healthy weight
  • Healthy, happy and appropriate appetite
  • Increased longevity

Why do these changes occur when switching to a raw diet? Your pet’s gut microflora will undergo some significant changes when you transition to raw pet food. Instead of starch and sugar dominating your pet’s diet, you’re now feeding your pet the food nature intended which will dramatically improve your pet’s health, happiness and longevity.

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About Dr. Richard Patton:


Dr. Patton has over 40 years of experience in animal nutrition, working worldwide formulating diets for nearly every kind of animal ranging from aardvarks to zebras, including domestic cats and dogs.  He has 25 scientific publications, two patents, authored Ruined By Excess Perfected By Lack and has written numerous articles for Dogs Naturally.  Dr. Patton is well-known for his contributions to the new documentary, The Truth About Pet Cancer.