Cali 6 Months

After switching to Vital Essentials, this once thin, fearful pup, now has eyes that sparkle with life and love. See what she looks like now! Read the full story below. 

After a divorce was final in June 2017,  I moved into a home for myself, but I felt something was missing.  I did a little researching and saw Cali on Paws without Partners  website.  I filled out paperwork for adoption, knowing I was taking a big step.  To be solely responsible for another little life.  My application was accepted and I brought Cali home.  I told her this is my new forever home and now it’s yours too.

She was 6 months old and such vacant eyes.  She had been abandoned at the animal shelter.  I could tell right away Cali had never been potty trained, leash trained or even handled as a puppy.  She was thin, fearful, preferred to hide, and avoided direct eye contact.  I took her out every half hour and she learned very fast.  She was crated at night and sadly preferred to stay in her crate as much as I would let her.  She seemed very lethargic for a puppy, so I took her to see Dr. Neil Weiner at Pet Care Naturally . He was the vet who had made such a difference in my Golden retrievers health for his senior years.  His quality of life was far greater after seeing Dr. Weiner.  I had great trust in him.

Cali 4 Months on VESo I took pictures of the food and treats that the store had handed out free for Cali to consult with Neil.  He said we need to get her off those right away and onto a healthier diet with Vital Essentials .  He also sent her stool sample out which came back positive for whipworm and coccidia.

I started using the food and medication and she slowly came back to life.  Her energy level went up and she was more involved in her life.  She’s very loved, very bonded, sleeps with me.  She loves her food, and those eyes that she used to avoid looking directly into mine sparkle with life and love. Pictured to the left is Cali after being on Vital Essentials for just four months!

When I rescued her, she was extremely fearful of so many things.  But she slowly came out of her traumatized shell in the next few months.  I could pick her up and pet her or rub her belly on the bed.  But never would she come to me and seek love in the house or yard.  The addition of her new 2 1/2 month old companion terrier mix, has done a lot to bring her normal dog behavior out and they enjoy chasing each other around and playing. They are great friends.

Cali and Jackie

I have many things to be grateful for, but Cali gave me the biggest reason on Thanksgiving Day to have the best reason to be grateful this year. The puppy, Jackie, was on my lap getting pets when Cali finally, after over 4 months, decided she wanted to be on my lap and get her own pets and love! She came over and with a little invite from me jumped up on my lap. I was so happy I almost cried. One more step to total trust from a dog who has been traumatized. Here’s Cali sitting on my lap for the first time.

Cali's first snuggle

Cali and Jackie are both on Vital Essentials and doing great! Both Cali and Jackie love the Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Patties . They eat twice a day, and if I’m not right on time they remind me! Jackie has a tendency to jump around on two feet and get under my feet, so she now has a “place” (a rug) in the kitchen where she sits and stays. Cali is super polite and waits at the kitchen door.

They seem totally satisfied with Vital Essentials. I buy the patties and put them in quart sized Ziploc bags, that way I can easily choose the right amount for a meal. I add a couple tablespoons of beef bone broth.

I’m a moderator on a well behaved pet group, and when someone asks what is the best food, I always bring up a raw diet and all the benefits. My girls are very important to me, well loved and well nourished. Only the best!

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