grumpy Persian cat in front of empty food bowl with a solid pink background

With the canned cat food shortage, is now the time to switch to a raw, freeze-dried diet?

Cat owners worldwide may have some tears to wipe from their sad kitties’ whiskers, as canned cat food is now counted among the supply shortages in light of COVID-19 and the war in Europe.

Barren shelves in pet food departments have become a sadly common sight. When cat parents are actually able to find canned cat food, their go-to brands likely sport a higher price tag, or only the costliest brands will be available after less expensive options have been picked over.

Whether due to canned cat food shortages or unaffordability, cat moms/dads may find themselves in a bit of a can-undrum: how can they feed their cats who won’t eat dry food? (Or if that option isn’t adequately healthy?)

Perhaps a better question for cat owners:

Is it time to kick the can in favor of freeze-dried cat food?

Let’s compare the two.

canned vs freeze-dried cat food infographic

Between freeze-dried cat food lasting longer than canned cat food, and having consistently high quality and taste, significantly lower pricing, and unmatched nutrition and serving options, there’s clearly no need to be a scaredy cat about trying freeze-dried options.

Getting your kitty through the canned cat food shortage

Unless you’ve been taking a serious cat nap, you’re aware of the present pet food shortage. Supply chains for wet cat food have especially dried up; while many global supply chains are facing ongoing disruption, the demand for canned cat food increased sharply due to a COVID-19 lockdown-inspired boom of cat adoption. also reported that pet food inflation has steadily increased from 2019-2022, with a rise so far of 5.1% and no end in sight.

No need to have a hiss-y fit, cat owners. This is the purr-fect time to explore a healthier and more cost-effective option: freeze-dried cat food.

Why switch to freeze-dried cat food?

When your furry friend goes on a cute little hunger strike and refuses to eat dry kibble, freeze-dried cat food can check all the boxes of canned cat food. The versatility of freeze-dried cat food patties allows pet parents to add moisture to meals, providing their favorite “pâté     ” or “gravy” options for those finicky felines.

Beyond the practicalities of the availability of freeze-dried cat food, based on dollars per serving, freeze-dried cat food is more cost effective than canned cat food. Add its ability to serve as an alternative to kibble, and there’s still an even greater reason to consider freeze-dried pet food: its nutrition!

Traditional kibble and canned cat food can include any number of questionable ingredients such as excessive and unnecessary carbohydrates, grains, fruits and vegetables in addition to other ingredients, like artificial preservatives, food dyes and propylene glycol—all of which can be downright harmful to pets.

Freeze-dried cat food aligns with what a cat’s natural diet would be: raw, fresh, and rich in natural protein. You’ll witness their excitement and gratitude as they heartily chow it down at mealtime.

How to find freeze-dried cat food

If you’re sick of the uncertainty on whether or not your favorite feline’s go-to food will be on the shelf, and your cat is not about that kibble life, you’re not helpless: try the raw power of freeze-dried cat food. Find it at a store near you, or shop online, and reward your cuddly cat who’s always cheering you up — pesky global problems or not!