pet cat with healthy fur

February is National Cat Health Month, which is a great reminder to take special care of your feline family members! Whether you’re the proud pet parent of a seasoned senior cat or a new adorable kitten, ensure your pet is happy and healthy with these simple tips…

Keep Your Cat Active

To keep your cat at their ideal weight, keep them active! Cats love to play and it’s a great way for you to bond. Toys that resemble “prey” are popular with cats. You can move these toys toward and away for them to be caught. Wand toys offer another way to keep their minds and bodies active.

Feed the Right Food

Cat CRAVE protein; they are true obligate carnivores, and therefore require more quality-source protein in their diets than most other animals. Feeding your cat the right food is the most important thing you can do as a pet parent! Thankfully there are a variety of options to fit your lifestyle and cat’s preferences…from freeze-dried to frozen, Vital Essentials offers a variety of biologically appropriate meal options. Oh, and don’t forget the treats; they are an essential part of training and keeping your cat satisfied in between meals.


A clean cat is a happy cat; from nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance goes a long way. The areas you should focus on are: bathing, nail trimming, brushing (their coat and teeth) and ear cleaning. Keep up with these tasks each week and your cat will thank you!

Vet Visits

Don’t wait for your cat to get sick in order to take them to the vet. Regular veterinarian check-ups (including vaccinations and immunizations) can help prevent more serious health problems in the future. It’s also important to use sustainable and non-toxic products around your cat; listen to the Positively Green Podcast discuss tips for this part of pet ownership!

Show Some Affection

Cuddle your kitties! It’s a myth that cats are solitary creatures and don’t crave interaction with their humans; cats love a good cuddle. Spend time on the couch with them, snuggling up. Pet them. Rub their bellies, pet them between the ears, and enjoy their purring.

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