GREEN BAY, WI (March 13, 2018) – The votes came in at an astounding pace when cat parents were asked about some new product options for Vital Cat™ entrees, helping determine new package sizes for this growing brand of freeze-dried and frozen raw cat food.

cat owner with vital cat treats on counter

“Consumer feedback about the 8 oz frozen chubs told us that cat parents were looking for something a little larger in size, but not too big” commented VP of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Malnor.  “This led us to re-think all of our Vital Cat package sizes.  So, we took it to the masses.  The feedback was overwhelming in terms of the volume of responses we received along with strong preference for specific package sizes.”

As a result of so many engaged cat parents, three new Vital Cat entree package sizes will debut at the Global Pet Expo.  All entrees will be available in four great options – Rabbit, Duck, Turkey and Chicken.

Vital Cat Frozen Mini Patties, 28 oz  – The leader among cat parents for new Vital Cat options!  Here’s what they had to say….

“Portions are already pre-measured and the mini patties are easy to feed”
“I’m feeding a healthier meal every day with Vital Cat frozen entrees”
“Larger packages are more economical”

Vital Cat Frozen Chub, 16 oz – The 16 oz chubs are perfect for single cat families or multi-cat families alike.  This new size provides a fresh, tasty option for those finicky eaters!  One cat parent commented, “Healthy nutritional entrees at a great price point and easier to store at home!”

Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Mini Patties, 8 oz – The freeze-dried counterpart to the frozen mini patties will also be available in a new package size.  “I love the idea of these package sizes!  [It] allows me to purchase several proteins to rotate and keep meal time interesting!,” commented one cat parent. Smaller package sizes also means fresher product.  Mini patties are a convenient, no fuss way to feed – no measuring and easy portion control.  Plus, freeze-dried mini patties are designed to be rehydrated to create a soft, moist entrée option similar to frozen, but without the thaw time.

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