cat about to eat freeze dried minnow treat

Who said you can’t buy your cat’s love? The paw-some power of a good treat can grab your kitties attention and bring you love and affection. But as many cat owners know, felines can be finicky. In the search for the purr-fect cat treat, the endless options can be overwhelming. 

So how can you decide which treat is best for your feline furiend? One thing to consider is the ingredients. As an obligate carnivore, cats crave the vital nutrients found in real meat. Things like by-products, grains, added flavorings and colors are unhealthy for your cat.  

Vital Cat® Freeze-Dried Treats are a grain-free, gluten-free, single source protein snack that are good for your cat. Made with only fresh, raw, safe, all natural meat, these treats will surely satisfy your kitty’s carnivorous cravings. And with eight different protein sources to choose from, your cat will be feline good with these treats. Choose from Ahi Tuna, Chicken Breast, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Chicken Giblets, Chicken Hearts, Duck Liver, Rabbit Bites or our award winning Minnows

Multi-cat fur-family? Well, you’re in luck! Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites and Minnows also come in a larger family size package so you can get more bites for your buck. Best of all, Vital Essentials treats come in a convenient resealable package, making them a quick and easy snack for an active fur-family.  

Do you have a cat that likes to chew? With Vital Essentials, there’s no shortage of options in finding a treat your cat will love. The award-winning VE RAW BAR has several freeze-dried, crunchy selections for cats that help support healthy teeth and gums. Choose from Chicken Necks, Duck Hearts, Duck Necks or Salmon Skins. With so many snacking paws-ibilities, your cat will be begging for Vital Essentials Treats right meow!

We aren’t kitten you, your cat’s going to purr-fur Vital Cat treats over others. The texture, the flavor, the satisfaction, it’s all very primal and exciting. Plus, your cat will expend energy while they munch on these crunchy cat treats which can help change their entire cattitude! 

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