A day dedicated to pets? Count us in! While we already show our pets love every day, we want to make the “official” Love Your Pet Day extra special!

Follow our tips for treating your pet to even more attention on this day just for them; we’re paw-sitive they’ll love you for it!



Exercise together

Get outside and play! Whether you’re throwing a ball, taking a hike, or just strolling around your neighborhood, some extra movement will be enjoyable for both of you! If the weather where you live limits you to indoor activity, check out our blog post on indoor activities with your pets.

Buy a new toy

Ok, so money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a new toy for your cat or dog, and doesn’t that bring you both joy? Check out our recent blog that highlights some entertaining treats that pair perfectly with your Vital Essentials treats.

Arrange a playdate

We know you’re their best friend, but who’s their best fur-iend? Get a group together to play in your home or at a local park. Socialization is great for dogs, and they’ll enjoy the company of some fellow four-legged companions.

Take your pet on an adventure

They will love exploring just as much as you do! Hop in the car and find a place that you’ve never been for you both to enjoy. We recommend a dog-friendly beach, brewery, or even a local pet store!

Give a scrumptious treat

Does your pet have a special savory snack? Let them indulge in a few delicious treats! Or, give them something new to try, like a freeze dried minnow or bully stick!