As pet paWrents, we celebrate our furkids and furfriends every day! What a blessing our pet companions are in our lives.

Did you know that National Dog Week was started in 1928? Captain William Judy, a World War I veteran and canine advocate, decided that a weeklong celebration was the least that could be done to recognize the valuable service and unwavering loyalty of man’s (and woman’s) best friend. It’s an entire week devoted to celebrating dogs and what they mean to people and the ongoing mission to improve the lives of all dogs. National Dog Week takes place over the fourth week of September each year and is a celebration of activities, fundraising events, adoption drives and volunteer assistance programs to get the whole community involved.

National Dog Week is as much about acknowledging the responsibilities we have as dog owners, dog lovers and the community as it is about celebrating dogs themselves. There are events that focus on the education of dog owners and the general public, with interaction between owners and dog care professionals and, in particular, helping lost, abused and unwanted dogs around your own community, town and across the country. These events offer a chance to organize and/or attend new and fun pet events. Numerous events are organized by local rescue groups and shelters with a common goal of helping animals in need.

Lucy, Holly and I celebrate all dogs, mixed breeds and pure, with lots of friendly hugs and special treats. We carry grain free Vital Essentials freeze dried treats with us everywhere we go and enjoy sharing them with other doggies who also love these delicious, nutritious treats. In keeping with National Dog Week and our core mission of Fashion, Fun & Fundraising, we attended an “End of Summer Bash” at Lucky’s Burgers & Brew with all proceeds from the event benefitting Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta.

So, whether you go for a walk with your dog(s), take them to a pet friendly restaurant, throw them a party, give to a pet charity, buy them a gift, toy or Vital Essentials treat, Atlanta GirlZ Club encourages you to show your dog how much you love them every day.

National Dog Week is also an occasion to share photos of your pets. Be sure to follow and tag @vitalessentialsraw and @lucyandholly_atlgirlzclub



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Kathi Welch owns Atlanta GirlZ Club® an influential pet Fashion, Fun & Fundraising brand featuring her fashionable doggie models, Lucy and Holly. As writers and contributors for several outlets and with their significant high profile and social media following, these GirlZ are well known pet influencers and public figures. They host and emcee events, are brand ambassadors and couture fashion models, as well as fashion print and runway models. Kathi and Lucy also have experience and backgrounds working in television. Lucy and Holly are professionally trained. They are trendy influencers in the pet community and have been featured on CNN, appeared on The Weather Channel and in YouTube videos and two books. Atlanta GirlZ Club® burst onto the Atlanta Pet Lifestyle Scene over a decade ago and use their celebrity to shine a light on animal welfare, animal rescues and fundraising efforts. Their brand motto is “We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising.” Their commitment and core mission is fundraising for animals in need.