Atlanta GirlZ Club® can’t think of a good reason to not have a fun celebration for your pet’s birthday. Pets show us so much unconditional love, support and puppy kisses, why not give them some presents and yummy treats? Dogs are becoming more and more part of the family, especially with many millennials waiting to have children, or not wanting them at all. Did you know that 65% of American families own pets and 91% of those consider their dog to be part of their family? Dogs are considered by many to be people’s kids. The good news is there are plenty of easy and fun ways to make your dog’s birthday memorable.

We celebrate Lucy and Holly’s birthday and gotcha day on the same date. Some years, we host fun themed doggie parties (like CowGirlZ Western Party, Pretty Princesses Party and Hawaiian Luau Party), where the GirlZ and all their furfriends dress up, play games. There is a photo booth set up with a professional pet photographer. There’s lots of delicious food for both the humans and the pets, including doggie cakes (one each for Lucy and Holly) and doggie gift bags filled with lots of toys, Vital Essentials® treats and goodies for all the fur guests. Other years, we plan a nice vacation to pet friendly locales and celebrate their birthdays for an entire week. A couple of our favorite birthday celebration destinations are Hilton Head Island, SC, Asheville, NC and Highlands, NC.

Here are a few ideas from Lucy and Holly to make your pet’s BarkDay or Gotcha Day a fun-filled celebration.

Host a Doggie BarkDay paWty

There is nothing cuter than a dog’s birthday party. Dress them up in a party hat (or special, festive outfits, if your puppers are like Lucy and Holly), hang up party decorations, streamers, make doggie gift bags filled with goodies, and get a pup-approved cake. Invite a bunch of doggie guests, family and friends over and you will have a blast. Play some fun doggie games like fetch, hide and seek and tug of war. Many doggie daycares offer private party rooms that can be reserved for pet birthday parties. If you’re going to hold your dog party outside, remember to make sure that all of the dogs have access to fresh water and shade. And remember to keep an eye on things and make sure the dogs are supervised at all times.

Buy or bake them a birthday cake

It’s easy to buy a doggie friendly birthday cake for your dog, as pet bakeries are now the norm in most cities, but you can make your own cake. There are many tasty doggie cake recipes online or you can purchase puppy cake mixes at your local pet store. Just make sure all cake ingredients are safe for pets. I always have a local pet bakery bake two cakes for Lucy and Holly that fit the theme of their party.

Let Your Dog Pick Out a Gift

If you’re looking to get your dog an extra special gift for their birthday, try letting them select it themselves. Take your dog to your local dog-friendly pet store or pet boutique and have them browse the aisles and pick out their own gift.

Explore a New Trail With Your Dog

How much does your dog love their daily walk? You can make your walk extra special on their birthday by taking them somewhere brand new. Explore a new hiking trail, nature preserve or river walk together or take your dog to a new park. To make it even more fun for them, remember to allow them some extra time to sniff around, breath fresh air and take in all those new and exciting smells.

Pamper and Spoil Your Dog On Their Birthday

If you want an easy way to make your dog’s birthday extra special, try pampering them. Spoil them and give them some extra love and attention on their special day. Give them a nice homemade meal, an extra long walk, a stuffed Kong, a relaxing doggie massage, and some nice cuddle time on the couch.

Turn It Into a Game Day

If you want to make your dog’s birthday a happy one, turn it into a game day. Rather than celebrating your favorite sports team together, set aside some time to play extra games with your dog. Lucy and Holly love interactive games filled with Vital Essentials treats. They love playing and engaging in some extra games on their birthday and it’s a simple way to ensure it’s a fun day for them.

Let Your Pupper Unwrap a Present

Lucy and Holly always get new toys on their birthdays. To make the unveiling a bit more exciting for them, I let them unwrap their gifts. If your dog doesn’t have unwrapping experience, keep it simple by using a gift bag. Remember to watch them closely as some dogs have a tendency to eat anything in sight, including wrapping paper and shredded bags.

Set Up a Doggie Play Date

Another simple way to make your dog’s birthday extra fun is by setting up a doggie play date for them. Invite your dog’s best dog friend over for some play time. It may seem rather simple, but that one on one play time is really fun (and exhausting) for your dog. Just remember to keep an eye on things, and make sure the dogs have access to fresh water at all times. You can also invite friends and their doggies to join you for lunch or brunch at a pet friendly restaurant with a covered and protected outdoor patio.

Take Your Dog For a Swim

Some dogs love to swim, so if you want to make their birthday a fun one, turn it into a swim day. You can take your dog to the local beach or lake, or search for any dog friendly pools and pet water parks in your area. Just remember to keep an eye on your dog at all times, and follow the basic swimming safety tips for dogs, such as bringing along fresh water and cleaning them off afterwards.

Have a Doggie Movie Night

Another way to celebrate your dog’s birthday is by having a movie night. Put on your pajamas, make some popcorn, and cuddle up with your dog on the couch and watch some movies together. Bonus points if you watch dog movies. We love “My Dog Skip!”

How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Have you ever hosted your own doggie birthday party? Do you wrap your dog’s presents? We LOVE seeing photos of your pets celebrating their birthdays with you, your family and friends. Be sure to follow us and tag @vitalessentialsraw and @lucyandholly_atlgirlzclub on all your photos.

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