Love is in the air! And also between you and your pet companions! While we adore our human family and friends, for many, dogs are the best Valentines! Whether it’s on the couch or at the park, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate with your pet.

After you’ve smelled the roses and eaten all the boxes of chocolates, don’t forget about your biggest supporter and number one fan, your furry family member. Pets love us unconditionally and Valentine’s Day is a special and PAWfect day to show them you care.

Obviously, chocolate is a bad idea and roses would not be appreciated, but there are other ways you and your pets can celebrate this special holiday. Lucy and Holly celebrated by attending a “Pet Matchmaking Event” held at Best Friends Animal Society’s Atlanta. Pet lovers looking for an adoptable dog, puppy, cat or kitten stopped by this Valentine-themed event to enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks while Best Friends’ expert Cupids helped them find the pet of their dreams. Plus, for this one night only, falling in love was completely free; all adoption fees were waived. It was a fun and successful event filled with romance and love of pets!



Lucy and Holly were excited to find their candy boxes filled with Vital Essentials® treats! The GirlZ had a blast seeking out tasty freeze-dried Minnows, Turkey Giblets and Duck Nibs hidden inside the heart-shaped boxes. Here are a few other ways Lucy and Holly suggest spending Valentine’s Day (or any special occasion) with your pet:


  • Spoil Them with a Special Treat: Lucy and Holly suggest you stay clear of the candy aisle when picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day treats for your furry friend, but don’t think your options are limited. Pet bakeries are popping up all across the country, and they’re serving up seriously delicious treats catered to animal’s dietary restrictions. Of course, Vital Essentials offers an array of delicious, nutritious pet treats, and all of them are Lucy and Holly’s favorite treats. There’s a huge selection with something tasty for every pet to enjoy.
  • Let Them Pick out a New Toy: Just as kids love going to the toy store and picking out what they want, your pet is no different. Many pet stores have an open door policy for leashed, well behaved pets, where pets can peruse the toy isles. Take your pet and let them explore the store and take their time picking out the perfect toy; they’ll be so excited to take it home and start playing.
  • Arrange a Play Date:Valentine’s Day is all about the love you share for each other, but the more the merrier. If your pet enjoys playing with others of his same species, invite his friends over for a good time or reserve a playroom at a local doggie day care. Puppy play dates are always fun for everyone involved. Even cats like playing with other friendly felines.
  • Have a Professional Photo Shoot: Your phone’s photo gallery is already full of adorable pictures of your pets, but professional pet portraits are priceless, treasured keepsakes. Our favorite Atlanta pet photographer is Nina Parker. Nina is an expert with many years of professional experience photographing pets indoors and outdoors. Nina volunteers her photography talent with local animal rescue groups and photographs adoptable rescues and shares them on her social media (another reason to love Nina). Check out pet photographers in your area. It’s not difficult to find professional photographers that specialize in taking pictures of dogs, cats, and other animals. Make the photo session a big deal by taking your pet to be groomed and pampered beforehand. Get yourself in front of the camera with your pet. Selfies are okay, but you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Spending time with loved ones is the best Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you look forward to February 14th every year or not, think outside the chocolate box when planning the PAWfect Valentine’s Day with your pet. Get creative and remember the most important thing is to let them know they’re loved and appreciated. It’s not about plush toys, fashion for pets, floral arrangements, rope toys, or baked goods! This special day is about spending quality time with your best friend!

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