Not only does your best furiend need physical exercise, but it’s also important for your dog or cat to exercise their brain. A bored pet will become destructive and possibly even chew up your favorite shoes! Mental stimulation is beneficial to your pet’s overall well-being. Here are some DIY games from our furiends Loki and Lambeau to play with your dog or cat to ensure they exercise their brain.  

Muffin Tin Puzzle

  1. Begin with an empty muffin tin and some tennis balls and toys Empty muffin tin
  2. Put your favorite treats in each cup within the tin; we like to use a variety of treats including Vital Essentials Rabbit Bites and Duck NibsMuffin tin with treats inside
  3. Place a tennis ball or toy on top of each cup within the tin Muffin tin filled with treats with toys on top
  4. Puzzle! Dog searching muffin tin for treats

Egg Carton Puzzle

  1. Begin with a cardboard egg carton and some mini tennis ballsEmpty egg carton
  2. Cut out each individual egg compartment and stuff with your favorite treatsEgg carton cut out and filled with treats
  3. Top with a mini tennis ball Egg carton filled with treats with a tennis ball on top
  4. Hide around the house! 

Variations: Try it without a tennis ball, just flipped onto the ground so your pet has to flip the carton over to get the treat. For pet’s less experienced, try leaving the carton flipped up so they can see the treats. Make it easy at first by not using a ball and placing in easy-to-find areas, then make it harder by hiding it! 

Snuffle Blanket

  1. Grab a blanket or towel.Blanket
  2. Remove your pets from the blanket.Blanket with pets sitting on top
  3. Place your favorite treats on the blanket and fold over.Dog waiting for treats
  4. Hide treats throughout the blanket in different areas and fold a couple times hot dog style then one time in from the left and one time in from the right. Blanket with treats inside
  5. If this is too hard, don’t do as many folds and fluff it up a bit or try using a smaller towel.Dog searching blanket for treats
  6. Let your pet snuffle!

Dog and cat searching blanket for treats


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