Learn how to make a dog toy out of a water bottle.

Making a toy for your dog or cat using items you already have around your house is a super fun and easy activity. You’ll enjoy making the toy, and your pet will enjoy playing with it, so it will be a win-win situation! Plus, who doesn’t have an old mismatched sock or an empty water bottle lying around. Throw in some Vital Essentials treats, and you’ve got yourself a pet toy! 

We’ve got two ideas you can use to make a recycled water bottle toy for your pet. Check out the instructions below to make a DIY crunchy water bottle toy for your dog, and scroll down even further to learn how to make a water bottle roller treat toy for your cat or dog. 

Crunchy Bottle Dog Toy

Make a water bottle dog toy



~A plastic water bottle or soda bottle

~An old sock 



Recycled water bottle pet toy


STEP ONE: Insert the empty water bottle into the sock

Hint: Add a few freeze-dried treats inside the bottle to make the toy extra enticing.

STEP TWO: Tie the open end of the sock into a knot



Dog laying on bed



STEP THREE: Let your dog crunch the toy, play with it and have fun! 





Water Bottle Treat Roller

DIY rolling treat dog toy


~A plastic water bottle or soda bottle

~A scissors

~Vital Essentials treats for Dogs or Cats


STEP ONE: Cut treat-size holes throughout the bottle. 

Recycled water bottle pet toy

STEP TWO: Insert Vital Essentials treats into the bottle and put the top back on.

*Hint: Ahi Tuna Bites for cats and Beef Tripe for dogs fit perfectly in this toy.

Make a dog or cat toy out of a water bottle

STEP THREE: Show your dog or cat the bottle with the treats and let them work to figure out how to roll and flip the bottle to get the treats out.

labradors playing with DIY toy

Not only are these toys fun, entertaining and delicious for your pet, but they also make your pet use their problem solving skills to get to the treats. As with any toy, always supervise your pet when they are playing with it and take the toy away from them if they start tearing it up. Check out our other blog posts to read up on Brain Games and other DIY Games for dogs and cats. Want to be the first to know about special deals, contests and promotions at Vital Essentials? Subscribe to our email list to be kept in the loop on our latest offers and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for fun features like #MinnowMonday.