DIY upcycled cat toys, ribbon cat toy

Our cat’s are our furry children and we’re always trying to find ways to keep them entertained. Most pet-parents have dozens of toys for their cat, although ask them to find a cat toy at any given moment and chances are it may take them a while. Cats are notorious for hiding things and sometimes losing them. Playing with toys is a form of kitty enrichment but did you know that you can make toys at home rather than going out and buying expensive cat toys? You can upcycle things you have laying around your home – like toilet paper rolls and milk jug rings – and make them into cat toys that your cat will think are just as good as the toys you purchase at the store. Here are four ways to make upcycled cat toys using supplies you have around your home. 

Toilet paper roll and milk jug ring cat toys


Supplies to make a DIY upcycled cat toy, freeze dried cat treats, toilet paper rolls, ribbon, scissors, milk jug rings


Toilet paper roll 

Cat treats

Rings off the lid of a milk jug or gallon jug


Toilet paper roll treat ball


The toilet paper roll ball only requires a scissors and a toilet paper roll. Start by cutting the toilet paper roll into rings that are about ½” thick. Ideally, about 4-6 rings will be used to make the ball.



Once you have your rings, start putting one inside of another until a ball forms. You can also add rings around the outside to hold the ball together. 



Once you have your toilet paper ring ball formed, use one of the spaces in between the rings to add a few cat treats in. Then let your kitty bat the ball around to try to get the cat treats out. Vital Cat Rabbit Bites and Wild Alaskan Salmon are the perfect size treat for this upcycled cat toy. 


Toilet paper roll treat roller


This upcycled cat toy is so easy you don’t even need scissors! All you need is a toilet paper roll and your cat’s favorite treats. Choose a treat that has a strong scent, like Duck Liver, so your kitty will be able to smell the treat through the cardboard. Then fold each side of the toilet paper roll into the middle. Insert a few treats inside, and repeat on the other side. 



Then give the toy to your cat to roll around and chew on to try to get the treats out. If this toy is too easy for your cat, try inserting newspaper in each end of the toilet paper roll before folding each end closed. That way your cat has the extra challenge of getting the newspaper out before they can eat the treat. 


Toilet paper roll teaser toy


The toilet paper roll teaser toy is one of the simplest toys to make. Simply cut strips on one or both ends of your toilet paper roll, all the way around. The strips should be about ⅛” thick and go down your toilet paper roll about 1” on each side. 



Then fold back each strip to make fringes on the ends. Cat’s like to bat the fringes when they play with this toy. 


Milk jug ring cat toy 

This toy requires you to save a few of the round plastic rings that are on milk jugs or gallon jugs. Cat’s seem to love to play with them! They bat them around and ultimately lose them under the furniture. To help make it easier to find your cat’s milk jug ring toy, and to make it more fun, simply take some ribbon and tie it around the milk jug ring, leaving the ends to hang off for your cat to bat at. You can add as much or as little ribbon as you like. The most important thing is that you have fun making it and your cat has fun playing with it. 


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