pet dog with salmon freeze dried treats

Raw diets have long been used to feed active performance animals, such as racing dogs and sled dogs, because a raw diet is high in protein which provides vital nutrients and energy to working animals. Many pet owners also choose to feed a raw diet because a diet that closely resembles what dogs and cats ate before they were domesticated is healthier and can lead to a longer, happier life.

However, creating a balanced diet using raw meat can be costly and time consuming. Feeding whole bones to your pet can be dangerous, and home preparation increases the likelihood of bacteria being introduced into the food. Luckily, Vital Essentials® has a solution. We’ve taken the guess-work out of raw feeding and created easy-to-feed frozen and freeze-dried foods that will ensure your dog is receiving a complete and balanced diet that tastes great and is also good for them!


Your dog will go mutts for Vital Essentials Frozen Patties! We’ve packed real meat, vital organs and bones into convenient, easy-to-feed frozen patties available in Beef, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit and Turkey. These patties are loaded with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and much more to give your pet the right nutrition. You’re only going to find wholesome, fresh, locally sourced meat in our frozen grain-free patties – the ultimate limited ingredient diet, just as nature intended for your dog. Vital Essentials Patties are flash-frozen to lock in the essential nutrients, enzymes and moisture for optimum freshness. A complete and balanced meal, simply thaw the patties in your refrigerator for mealtime and serve. 


Mini Nibs

We’re in the NO JUNK FOOD ZONE here! Feed your dog wholesome, real meat with no added fillers, grains, rendered by-products or artificial ingredients. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs are made with whole meat, organs and bones. Mini Nibs are similar in size to traditional kibble and are available in Beef, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Salmon and Turkey. No need to add water as the crunchy texture is great for your dog’s teeth.  


Just as you thrive on fresh food, so does your dog. Freeze-Dried Nibblets are formulated for larger dogs and are available in Beef and Chicken. Nibblets are a great choice for dogs that like that extra crunch so there’s no need to add water. Serve as a complete and balanced meal or mix Nibblets in with your dog’s current food for an added boost of raw nutrition which can lead to a firm muscle tone, more energy, an ideal weight and most importantly – happier pets!

Mini Patties

Next time you’re buying your dog food, check out the ingredients label. The list may surprise you – but ours won’t. You’re only going to find wholesome, fresh meat, organs and bones in our Freeze-Dried Grain Free Mini Patties – the ultimate limited ingredient diet, just as nature intended for your canine. Vital Essentials Mini Patties come in a convenient small size for dogs that require smaller portions and are available in Beef, Chicken, Duck, Rabbit, Salmon and Turkey. Mini Patties can be fed as is or rehydrated with warm water. Simply crumble the desired number of Mini Patties into a serving dish and top off with water for a soft, juicy meal.


Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Patties are a larger size for bigger dogs or multi-pet households and are available in Beef. Patties can be fed as is for a complete and balanced diet or add warm water to create a soft, juicy meal similar to canned pet food. For added variety, the dry or moistened patties can be mixed into traditional kibble to incorporate real meat, protein and essential nutrients into your pet’s diet. 


Vital Essentials Meal Toppers are a 3-in-1 way to feed your dog: Serve as a meal, supplement or Meal Topper. Toppers are available in Beef, Turkey and Chicken and can be sprinkled on top of traditional kibble to entice picky eaters. Toppers can also be mixed with water to create a gravy to pour over your pet’s food. Your dog will be paws-itively hounding you for Vital Essentials Toppers! 


With so many frozen and freeze-dried foods to choose from, Vital Essentials has made it easy to incorporate the benefits of raw feeding into your pet’s diet. Raw-fed pets typically have a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, smaller stool and more energy. Just remember, switch to a raw diet slowly. Take at least 10 days to 2 weeks to gradually transition your pet’s diet. This gives their digestive system time to adjust to the new food.

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