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Dog breath … it’s an outdated insult for a reason. Just like humans, the buildup of plaque and tartar in dogs’ mouths can lead to stinky breath. But, what causes bad breath in dogs and how can you prevent it?

What causes bad dog breath?

The most common causes of foul doggy breath are poor oral hygiene and resulting periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is also known as gum disease, and it’s caused by bad (or the lack of) brushing habits that allow plaque to build up and harden over time (built up plaque is called tartar). 

But, there are ways to keep these icky issues at bay! Here’s how to prevent the buildup of tartar—and cure bad doggy breath.

Step 1: Keep on Top of Your Dog’s Dental Check-Ups

Have your vet check your doggo’s teeth every year, or even sooner if you notice anything out of the ordinary like extremely bad breath, broken, loose or missing teeth, sensitivity or swelling. 

Step 2: Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly 

Did you know? About 85% of dogs aged three or older have dental problems, according to the Animal Medical Center of New York. You’ll need a rubber finger brush, soft-bristle toothbrush, doggy toothpaste and a meaty treat they love. Start slow (with simply introducing them to the toothbrush) and work your way up to your dog being super comfortable with a toothbrush and toothpaste being in their mouths—here’s a complete guide on brushing your dog’s teeth

Step 3: Limit Access to Stinky Stuff

Make sure your canine companion has zero access to the garbage, litter box and other smelly items. And, when you’re out walking or in the yard, keep them from eating poop from other animals. 

Step 4: Provide High-Quality Food and Treats

Raw pet food promotes oral health thanks to naturally occurring enzymes that protect teeth and gums. Quality dog food will also leave out unnatural starches and sugars, so you won’t have to worry about unhealthy bacteria making itself at home in your pet’s mouth. 

Your dog’s favorite part of a raw diet and treats (besides the great taste) is just how crunchy they are! This crunching behavior removes plaque and tartar, increases gum circulation and strengthens teeth.

Crunchy Dog Food and Treats that Prevent Bad Breath

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