Springer spaniel dog sitting with a couple at a restaurant

One important note to remember, dogs should rarely eat table scraps and some human foods are dangerous for dogs. Keep in mind which foods dogs can eat and ensure your pooch has an enjoyable experience. Some menu items are made specifically for dogs, but that’s not a guarantee that they’re healthy or harmless for your pooch.

Popular Pet Friendly Restaurants

In-N-Out Burger

Primarily located in California and the Southwest, In-N-Out Burger stands the test of time for fast food burgers and shakes. Luckily for your furry friends, they can enjoy alongside you at any of their outdoor locations.


If you’ve never heard of Starbucks, then you’ve been living under Snoopy’s doghouse. This international chain of coffee shops offers a Pup Cup/Puppuccino, an espresso size cup filled with whipped cream, for your dog. As you sip on a tasty, caffeinated treat, your pup will also have a paws-itive experience!

corgi puppy dog in woman's lap holding a starbucks cup

Photo cred: Starbucks

Panera Bread

Soups, sandwiches, salads … and dogs! Panera Bread offers outdoor patios at many of their locations, so bring your pooch and enjoy the sweet smells of delicious baked goods and breads.

Dairy Queen

Infamous for flavorful Blizzards®, Dairy Queen is a prime spot to enjoy soft serve ice cream on a hot day. While your dog can’t indulge on your dessert, you can make their own homemade dog ice cream when you get home.

Shake Shack

Shake … good boy! Shake Shack shares a dog menu at most locations so your companion doesn’t feel left out. From ShackBurger dog biscuits to a Poochini—dog-friendly custard with a swirl of peanut butter—your pet will drool for more.

French bulldog licking a tub of ice cream at shake shack

Photo cred: Shake Shack

Outback Steakhouse

Your dog will drool over the infamous Bloomin’ Onion® and crave shrimp on the barbie for days. While your furry friend can’t dig in, they can join you since Outback Steakhouse allows pet owners and their dogs to dine at their outdoor spaces.

SONIC Drive-In

Of course your pooch loves a good ol’ fashioned car ride, but they’ll wag their tail even faster for a visit to SONIC Drive-In. From dog-appropriate treats to car-side service, it’ll be as much of an adventure for them as it is for you! Check with your local restaurant to see if your dog can enjoy the trip outside of the car too.
brown dog next to a fountain drink at the outdoor seating of a sonic drive-in

Photo cred: SONIC Drive-In


If there’s a patio at your local Applebee’s, bring your dog along! “Eatin’ good in the neighborhood” encourages everyone in the family to enjoy—even your pets.

Pet Etiquette in Restaurants 

Bring obedient dogs

Sit, stay, come … these are common commands that are often overlooked, especially when needed in a public setting. Your pooch should know when they need to be on their best behavior, otherwise no t-r-e-a-t-s and restaurants!

Keep dogs on a leash

Even if your pal is the most well-behaved animal on the planet, make sure to keep your dog on a leash the entire time. While you may be comfortable with letting them off leash, others may not be. Plus, who knows when a mouthwatering meal will distract your dog from good behavior.

Attach the leash to you, not the table

Don’t let your outdoor dining experience become a viral video as your dog is running around with a table following it. Enough said!

Feed and relieve your dog beforehand

How mad would you be if you were brought to a restaurant—on an empty stomach and full bladder—and couldn’t eat or use the bathroom? Let your dog eat their own meal and do their business before going to a restaurant. To keep your pet satisfied, give them freeze-dried treats and snacks that are easy to bring on-the-go.

Use your own water dish

More often than not, restaurants and establishments are unable to lend bowls to your pet due to sanitary reasons. Give yourself, and your dog, peace of mind and bring a water dish just in case.

Are There Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me?

When you want to dine at a local restaurant, either call ahead or check their website to see if they allow dogs. Many outdoor seating areas encourage furry friends to visit and websites such as BringFido and Yelp can also help provide clarity.