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If you’ve been trying to find a new food for your dog, chances are you’ve noticed the seemingly endless variety of options available, from brands to quality to product format (kibble, refrigerated or raw, for example). And, there are also more proteins than ever to choose from. You can go with the “classic” varieties of chicken or beef, or choose from more specialty ingredients like rabbit, salmon, lamb or turkey.

Among these varieties, you might have seen duck as a main ingredient (especially if you’ve been shopping on our site!) One of the common questions we get as a producer of duck dog food is whether dogs can or should eat it. The short answer is yes! Dogs can certainly eat food containing duck, and it has a number of benefits. The longer answer? You’ll want to explore the products—and the proteins—that are best for your pup.

Here are a few perks of including duck in your dog’s diet, and some products (including treats!) to try if you’re considering feeding your dog duck.

The Benefits of Duck Dog Food

Although duck might seem like an alternative protein, it’s actually a perfectly natural ingredient that dogs would eat in the wild. Think about it—dogs hunt ducks, not chickens! (Although chicken is perfectly healthy for dogs, too.) Dogs have a long history of eating duck. In fact, there are even some rumors that European nobility would feed their canine companions roast duck as a meal.

But, we know that just because dogs have eaten something before doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthy for them, so here are some of the benefits beyond duck being a delicacy for Dogs of Nobles Past.

According to Pet MD:

  • Duck is a healthy source of protein. Duck is lean, rich in iron, and supports strong muscles, keeping your dog satiated while helping avoid obesity.
  • Duck is easy for dogs to digest. Low in saturated fat, duck is easy on the stomach and can help with gastrointestinal upset, making it a good option for doggos with sensitive stomachs.
  • Duck can help with skin irritation. If your dog is allergic to chicken, beef, or other ingredients, duck still packs the protein your pup needs and can help alleviate itchiness and redness.

Duck Dog Food Safety

With any novelty protein comes concerns about food safety, and it makes sense! Of course, you want to give your pup the safest ingredients. But, like any other ingredient in dog food, the safety comes down to quality, sourcing and production. Look for dog food that features premium duck meat, contains no fillers and has been sourced selectively.

Want to know how we ensure safety and quality at Vital Essentials? Check out our video below on our custom sourcing and production process.

Duck Dog Food Products for Your Pup

Now that you’ve learned about the positives of feeding your dog duck proteins, here are a few options your dog is sure to love, whether you want to make duck the main dish, a healthy snack or as a reward for learning that new trick.

Vital Essentials Raw Bar Freeze-Dried Duck Heads

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Duck Heads are by far the most popular Vital Essentials snacks among doggos! The duck heads provide crunchiness and natural flavors, and act as a natural toothbrush. They’re also a great source of calcium and phosphorus. Your dog will love them!

Don’t believe us? Ask Gizmo!

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Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Duck Nibs and Other Raw Treats

If duck heads are a little too quacky for you, give your pup Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Duck Nibs. We also have Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Necks and Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Hearts if your dog needs a heartier snack between meals.

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Mini Patties

Featuring only meat, organs and bones from free-range duck, Freeze-Dried Duck Mini Patties offer a flavorful, nutritious entrée full of all the protein your dog needs and none of the fillers they don’t. Your pup will enjoy the primal experience of eating duck like they would in the wild under the ALPHA Prey-Model.

Vital Essentials Frozen Duck Dog Food Patties

Grain free and flash frozen to lock in flavor and important nutrients, Frozen Duck Dog Food Patties make for an instinctive, balanced entrée for your dog. Simply thaw the daily serving in your refrigerator and feed within 4-5 days of thawing. Your pup will love the raw flavor and benefits that come with quality protein and limited ingredient food.

Want more duck dog food products to choose from?

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