Duck heads, pig snouts, and chicken necks (oh my!) are gracing the shelves of local pet retailers across the country.

We all want to “treat” our pets the way we want to be treated, which means feeding new snacks that make treat time a lot more delicious (and entertaining). But this begs the question: Are exotic treats safe for pets?

We asked Dr. Richard Patton, world renowned pet nutritionist, for his insight on the topic; here’s what these unique treats have to offer.

Watch our full interview with Dr. Richard Patton, Vital Essentials Pet Nutritionist, for more information on this topic, and others, in our “Ask Your Pet” series!

Nutritional Value


These exotic freeze-dried treats add protein, fatty acids, calcium and trace minerals to your pets diet. Because they are single-source snacks, they’re just what they say they are, and contain no other added ingredients. Snacks like chicken necks, duck necks, and bully sticks are an excellent source of energy as well!

Oral Health Support

The chewing and chomping of freeze-dried snacks supports oral heath, which impacts the overall health of your pet. Duck heads and bully twists offer a satisfying chew that will keep their smile beautiful (and their breath less smelly). It’s important to keep an eye on those gums and teeth. Learn more about dental health tips for pets in our blog post.

Mental Stimulation

The chomp and chew of these snacks provides mental stimulation to keep your pet entertained and engaged. Some of the longer-lasting options of these freeze-dried treats, like bully sticks, moo sticks, and pig ears and snouts, will keep them busy and working to earn their reward. Offering this protein packed snack will also make them less likely to chew on something they’re not supposed to (like your favorite shoe, perhaps?).

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