GREEN BAY WI (February 14, 2018) – Amid the tremendous growth potential projected for freeze-dried pet food, treats and snacks globally, Vital Essentials® is in the right place at the right time!  Producing ultra-premium raw pet food, treats and snacks for cats and dogs, this brand leads the freeze-dried category with unique products and innovation.

Currently positioned as one of the top raw pet food brands in the United States, Vital Essentials is looking to grow its’ international export side of the business exponentially in 2018.  Already distributed in 12 countries worldwide, the international sales team is seeking additional distributors in key growth markets to bolster distribution throughout the European Union and Australasia.

“We’ve seen the demand for our products double in the past year and are seeking new partnerships to help meet the needs of consumers globally,” commented Ron Franklin, International Sales Director for Vital Essentials and Vital Cat™ branded pet food.  “There continues to be strong demand from pet parents looking for food and treats that are healthier and offer functional benefits.  And, we need to find distribution and retail partners that can get our products to those pet parents when and where they need us.”

InterZoo is the perfect opportunity to showcase the high-quality freeze-dried entrees, treats and snacks sold under the Vital Essentials and Vital Cat brands to international distributors and retailers who plan to attend the show in record numbers this year.

Attendees at the show can expect to see some extraordinarily unique products on display at the Vital Essentials exhibit:

  • VE RAW BAR™ – An award-winning merchandise display containing twelve freeze-dried snacks that include Chicken Necks, Duck Necks, Duck Feet, Turkey Necks, Turkey Wings, Pig Ears, Salmon Skins, Cod Skins, Bully Sticks and the three newest, and most innovative yet, Moo Sticks, Duck Heads and Pig Snouts.  Retailers get a turnkey display that includes an eye-catching illuminated sign, containers for each of the freeze-dried snacks, tongs and shopping bags, along with marketing materials promoting the functional benefits of each snack.

  • Treats for Dogs and Cats – Distributors and retailers will not find more comprehensive product lines from other raw pet food companies.  Featuring fourteen Vital Treats for Dogs and eight Vital Cat Treats, there’s something for every pet’s palate. Whether pet parents are looking for something that will promote healthy teeth and gums or mental stimulation or guilt-free treats, Vital Essentials has the right fit.

  • Entrees for Dogs and Cats – Complete and balanced diet formulations are available in a number of proteins for dogs and cats.  Vital Essentials and Vital Cat entrees come in either mini nibs or mini patties, giving pet parents an option to serve delicious, nutritious freeze-dried entrees “as is” with a high crunch factor or rehydrated for a softer texture, respectively.


Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Entrees
Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Entrees

For those interested in learning more about Vital Essentials freeze-dried product lines or in becoming a distributor, visit the Vital Essentials exhibit in Hall 7, US Pavilion at InterZoo 2018 or visit our website  Ron Franklin may also be contacted at for more information.

About Vital Essentials®

Vital Essentials is the most tenured RAW pet food in the nation.  The family owned company located in Green Bay, WI, manufactures high quality RAW frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks and treats. Sourced, made and packaged in the USA, every Vital Essentials product stands up to the same promise – Purely RAW, Instinctively Healthy.  To learn more, visit

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