Raw Seminar at Top Dogs Pet Boutique

What better way to celebrate the season of love and Valentine’s than Date Night with Your Dog?

Atlanta GirlZ Club™ enjoyed attending “Falling in Love with Raw,” a seminar presented by Vital Essentials on February 13, 2018. The event host, Top Dogs Pet Boutique in Kennesaw, GA, provided goodies and tasty treats for both humans and pets.

VE Rep Jason Petercheff with Kathi, Lucy and Holly

Numerous pet paWrents and their wonderful pets gathered to hear Jason Petercheff, Vital Essentials’ Southeast Regional Manager, give an impressive presentation about the many benefits of raw feeding. Jason is a marvelous speaker, is quite knowledgeable and provided extensive and helpful information about raw feeding and pet nutrition in general. For example, as natural carnivores, dogs and cats thrive on the essential nutrients that come from other animals. They’re not designed to handle carbohydrates like rice, corn and potatoes. A raw meat diet is precisely what nature designed dogs and cats to flourish on.

Vital Essentials uses only fresh, single-sourced, whole animal proteins and never uses grains, fillers, artificial preservatives or rendered by-products in any of its products.

The seminar was a relaxed atmosphere that also included an informative Q&A for attendees to find out specifics about raw feeding their family pets.

Atlanta GirlZ Club®
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Kathi Welch owns Atlanta GirlZ Club® an influential pet Fashion, Fun & Fundraising brand featuring her fashionable doggie models, Lucy and Holly. As writers and contributors for several outlets and with their significant high profile and social media following, these GirlZ are well known pet influencers and public figures. They host and emcee events, are brand ambassadors and couture fashion models, as well as fashion print and runway models. Kathi and Lucy also have experience and backgrounds working in television. Lucy and Holly are professionally trained. They are trendy influencers in the pet community and have been featured on CNN, appeared on The Weather Channel and in YouTube videos and two books. Atlanta GirlZ Club® burst onto the Atlanta Pet Lifestyle Scene over a decade ago and use their celebrity to shine a light on animal welfare, animal rescues and fundraising efforts. Their brand motto is “We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising.” Their commitment and core mission is fundraising for animals in need.