food toppers serve your way

Food toppers are becoming increasingly popular among pet parents, and for good reason! There are many ways you can use food toppers to improve your pet’s life and wellbeing.

For example, food toppers are one excellent way to entice reluctant eaters. Whether your pet is ill and has lost their appetite, must eat a special diet for medical reasons but doesn’t find their prescription food appealing, or is quite simply a picky eater, the alluring scent of a quality meal topper encourages Buddy to take that first bite.

Food toppers also enhance your pet’s diet with a boost of nutrition. They’re often higher in quality protein and important vitamins and nutrients than your typical kibble, and can drastically improve your pet’s overall diet from just a little added to each meal.

Finally, raw food toppers are perfect for transitioning your pet from kibble or canned food to a healthy raw diet. Toppers are a great way to introduce your pet to the taste of real meat without drastically overhauling their entire diet right from the get-go.

But with so many options out there, how do you know what the best dog food topper is? And what if you have a multi-pet family — are there cat food toppers, too?

The best meal toppers for your pet will be simple and natural — like Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers, perfect for both dogs and cats! Plus, there are many different ways to serve Vital Essentials toppers, so you can customize to your pet’s needs and preferences. Top it, shake it or mix it however you like — so you can “Serve your way, any way!”

What are the best dog food toppers?

With so many different food toppers, mixers and supplements out there, how do you know you’re giving your best furiend the very best? When it comes to cat or dog food toppers, you’re going to want to choose one that is made with limited ingredients, nutritionally balanced and easy-to-feed.

The best dog food topper or cat food topper is grain free, made with real meat rather than rendered by-products, and contains no artificial additives or fillers. It will also be freeze-dried to “lock in” natural nutrients rather than baked, cooked, or dehydrated, as these processes destroy fragile enzymes. 

You’ll also want your pet’s meal topper to be complete and balanced so that you don’t have to worry about missing key vitamins and nutrients in your cat’s or dog’s diet. A complete and balanced meal topper can be a full meal on its own, if needed. 

The final thing to consider is ease and convenience. The best dog food topper requires only minimal prep work. After all, you probably don’t have time to make a gourmet feast each night for your pets — but you still want to make sure they’re eating well!

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Meal Toppers are the perfect way to do just that and are the ideal choice for your kitty or pup! Available in three different protein options to provide a variety of new dinner experiences, Vital Essentials Beef, Chicken and Turkey Food Toppers are delicious and nutritious options for both dogs and cats.

There are multiple ways to serve our highly versatile pet food toppers to meet your pet’s preferences and needs!

Shake It!

Add to Kibble As-Is

One way to serve our dog food toppers is to keep it as simple as possible: just open the bag and shake!

This method affords you maximum convenience, as there’s no prep whatsoever. Forget the water: simply sprinkle the meal topper straight into your dog or cat’s bowl with their normal food 

This is an excellent way to entice your pet to start eating, and a little goes a long way. The tempting scent and appealing taste intrigues picky eaters, and then once your dog or cat gets going, they’ll realize how hungry they really are and keep eating. This can be particularly useful if your pet needs to put on weight or needs coaxing to eat a special diet.

Just remember to keep track of how much mix-in you are adding, as you may have to reduce the amount of dry food your pet eats as a result.

Top It!

Make a Gravy to Top Your Kibble

Another way to use your favorite Vital Essentials meal topper is to make a gravy to go over top of your pet’s dinner!

To do so, simply mix the topper with water (or bone broth or goat’s milk, if you prefer) until you reach your preferred drizzling consistency. Be aware, however, that broth tends to be high in sodium

Then, drizzle the gravy over top of your dog’s or cat’s regular meal to “beef up” (perhaps literally!) your best furiend’s food. This also adds important hydration to your pet’s meal, as dogs and cats that eat predominantly dry food don’t always get enough to drink each day.

Top your pal’s meal with the hearty protein-rich goodness of real freeze-dried meat, packed with natural nutrients. It’s like a multivitamin for carnivores! 

Mix It!

Transition from Canned or Wet Food

Finally, if your pet’s main diet is canned or wet food and you are trying to transition them to a healthy raw diet, another great option is to mix your dog food topper into a standalone meal

Use water, bone broth or goat’s milk to mix your chosen topper into a moist pâte. All Vital Essentials food toppers meet AAFCO guidelines for a complete and balanced diet for both dogs and cats, so this meal can stand on its own at any point during the transition.

Whether you top it, shake it, mix it, or find another way to utilize the protein-packed goodness of freeze-dried cat and dog food toppers, you’re still getting the incredible health benefits of raw without breaking the bank.

That’s what’s so fantastic about Vital Essentials Pet Food Toppers: You’re free to “Serve your way, any way!”

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