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Millennials make up 35% of US pet owners and are spending more on pet food than any other generation, according to Pew Research Institute. This shift is spurring the trend towards the premiumization of pet food and Vital Essentials® is answering that growth with continued improvements in the production of its ultra-premium raw pet food.

The company is in the midst of its second major manufacturing expansion in as many years, revamping production lines and making significant investments in new meat processing equipment including individual quick freeze (IQF) tunnels, blenders and conveying systems that will increase overall speed and capacity. This will result in a 70% increase in the output of its frozen and freeze-dried products.  This comes on the heels of the multi-million-dollar expansion of their freeze-drying facility in 2018. “With the increasing demand for our products, which is expected to continue trending upward, our ability to more efficiently manufacture all of our products is paramount,” stated VP of Operations, Brian Lakari. “With these changes, we will be prepared and well positioned to meet the rapidly growing demand.”


Today, Vital Essentials and Vital Cat® are among the highest quality products in the pet consumables marketplace. Essentially a “Meat Shop for Pets”, Carnivore’s focus is on preserving and maintaining meat quality, beginning at the harvest facility, throughout their facilities and beyond. “It’s impossible to improve meat quality, we can only maintain it”, commented Jason Goddard, Director of Quality. “The new equipment and line improvements give us even greater control in maintaining the quality and preserving the nutritional value of the food and treats we manufacture.”

“These improvements, coupled with our sustainability initiatives, positions us to answer the demands of our newest generation of pet parents,” stated Melissa Olson, VP Sales & Marketing. “Millennials are looking not only for high quality food for their pets, but premium products that will enhance the quality of their pets’ lives and their own family life. We sincerely believe Vital Essentials is that brand.”