Wilson the Spokesdog for FUSION Frozen Chicken Dog Food Patties

Have you seen this PAWsitively adorable pooch on the front of our FUSION Chicken Dinner Patties package? This handsome dog is four-year-old Wilson (@red.and.the.blue.duo). Wilson is a border collie Australian cattle dog mix who lives in Nevada with his mom Jade and a younger cattle dog brother named Bruce.

Wilson is a very active pup who loves to swim, play fetch, camp, hike, and go backpacking. He’s also very smart and loves performing tricks for Vital Essentials treats. Wilson can sit pretty, shake, give high fives, and he knows basic obedience commands.

“I love giving him Vital Essentials because I know I’m giving him quality, healthy ingredients,” Jade says. “He loves eating it and his coat is healthier!”

dogs love vital essentials freeze-dried dog food

We chose Wilson to be featured on our brand new FUSION Chicken Dinner Patties package because we wanted to showcase real pets with real stories of how they use Vital Essentials products. Jade says she can tell how much Wilson loves FUSION Chicken Dinner Patties because Wilson knows the word ‘hungry’ and when he hears ‘hungry’ he gets super excited, howls, and runs straight to his crate for food.

“He starts drooling immediately when I open the bag,” she says. “He absolutely loves it!” 

Jade says if Wilson could talk he’d say, “FUSION is the best tasting food I’ve ever had! Please give me more!”

More about FUSION Dinner Patties

Vital Essentials launched FUSION Dinner Patties as part of a new consumer-focused line of raw pet food. The emphasis of the product line is entirely on the end-consumer, providing exceptional quality and value, especially given the challenging times in which we are living. To achieve the desired retail price-point of $29.99 for a 6 lb bag, we eliminated all programs that inflate the price on the shelf. Not only that, but we’ve also added 10% organic fruits and vegetables to our base Alpha Prey Model Diet. FUSION Dinner Patties are available in beef or chicken with super foods like apple, squash, carrot, blueberry and broccoli. FUSION is a cost-effective line of raw food that is healthy, convenient, and dogs love the taste!

To purchase FUSION dinner patties, find a local Vital Essentials retailer near you.