GREEN BAY – A local raw pet food company’s marketing display is the cat’s meow of an industry magazine.

Pet Business picked Vital Essentials’ Raw Bar display of 11 freeze-dried pet snacks as the winner of its 2016 Industry Recognition Award for Merchandising Displays. VE Raw Bars are not energy bars, but literal bars stocked with 11 natural, freeze-dried pet treats such as duck feet, duck necks, chicken necks, pig ears, turkey tails and cod skins.

The Green Bay company’s display debuted at the Global Pet Expo in March and its creative, accessible approach was an instant hit with the industry and consumers who can tailor their purchases to their pets’ preferences.

“We developed the distinctive VE Raw Bar display of premium, freeze-dried snacks to provide and interactive experience where shoppers can see the quality of the products and customize their purchase,” Vital Essentials CEO Lanny Viegut said.

The display has been installed in more than 500 retailers in the United States, and some of them are right here in the Green Bay area. At least seven animal hospitals, pet stores, training centers and feed stores carry Vital Essentials products, according to its website.

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