Keep your pet safe this Halloween

It’s spooky season and while Halloween is meant to be a scary time of year, it can be especially frightening for the dogs and cats that share our lives. Help your furiends forget about their fears and keep them safe this Halloween season by checking out our Vital Essentials Halloween pet safety tips below. 

Be careful with your cat or dog’s Halloween costumes 

If you make your pet wear a costume this Halloween, make sure they are able to wear it safely and they don’t get tangled in it. The costume you choose should not restrict your dog or cat’s ability to see, hear, breathe or move. Practice getting your dog or cat used to wearing the costume in advance of Halloween so they will feel comfortable wearing it when you ask them to and don’t force them to wear it if they really don’t like it. For safety, always supervise your pet when they’re wearing a costume.   

Use caution with candy

Whether you hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year or if you just have Halloween candy stashed around the house, it’s important to keep it picked up and put away so your pet doesn’t get into it and eat it. Candies can cause choking hazards and chocolate and other ingredients can cause serious illness if consumed by your pet. If you’re concerned your pet may have eaten candy, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and consult your veterinarian. 

Be aware of the dangers of lit pumpkins

A common Halloween tradition is to carve pumpkins and then illuminate them using candles. However, lit candles can be dangerous for pets because dogs and cats may accidentally knock the candle over, burning themselves in the process or starting a fire. Pets do not inherently understand the dangers of fire so, if you decide to leave candles lit in your jack-o-lanterns, make sure they are kept in a location that your pet does not have access to or opt to use LED candle lights instead of real ones. 

Keep your pet contained 

With trick-or-treaters wearing strange and scary costumes and homes covered in spooky decorations, lights, and sounds, it’s no wonder that pets can get spooked during Halloween. Your pet may be so startled by the costumes that they act protective. Keep your pet in the house during trick-or-treating and if you’re handing out candy, make sure your dog or cat isn’t able to slip out the door and escape. Find a quiet, secure area of your home or put your dog or cat in a crate during Halloween festivities so that they are safe. 

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