The new year here! What are your 2019 resolutions? Many people aim to eat healthy, exercise, and take control of their health, but what about your pets? We understand the importance of pet nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and know you do, too!

Each week this month we will be featuring a “Real Pet Story” that highlights the transformations and health benefits pets have experienced from Vital Essentials®. Check back on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram each Friday to read the most recent story we’re sharing.

Week Four: Charizard’s Story

“Charizard has always been the pickiest eater. We can never seem to get him to eat anything other than his bland, dry cat food, which is a problem, as he’s had urinary issues in the past due to a lack of wet food in his diet. Vital Essentials Frozen Mini Patties and Chubs are the first raw food he has ever tried and he loved it! We’re So happy to have found a healthy diet to supplement his dry food and give him a healthier life.” –Nicole


Week Three: Kaela’s Story

“Kalea is currently 11 months old, and made a recent transition from a kibble/freeze dried diet to Vital Essentials Frozen Patties. Kalea is such a smart girl who knows what she likes, and Can be the pickiest eater. Since she first had Vital Essentials treats, we noticed how excited she gets when she sees the treats, especially the minnows. We knew that if we were to transition her to raw it would be to Vital Essentials Frozen. Since the transition, she eats immediately after her release word and cleans the bowl; her coat is healthier, and of course, let’s not forget the poop is better. Transitioning to Vital Essentials Raw was the best decision we made. We can’t wait for her to try the other raw proteins!”–Vi


Week Two: Greyson’s Story

“I tried the Vital Cat Frozen Rabbit Entrees after receiving a coupon for a free bag. My cat, Greyson, has been eating a primarily raw diet for approximately 2 years, but this was his first time trying Vital Essentials. Greyson is a rescue cat and I fostered him for about 6 months before adopting him. He has skin issues around his mouth and food allergies may be the cause. I have been trying to stick to limited ingredient diets with a single protein; this food fits that description perfectly! I was so impressed by this food. My cat loved the taste and I loved how easy the patties were to thaw and serve. Greyson is a happy, healthy, raw fed cat and I will definitely be purchasing Vital Essentials again.” —Cassandra


Week One: Cheek’s Story

“I could not be more thankful for a treat and food my dog likes; he is extremely picky! We had a routine checkup a year ago and they told me that Cheeks had the on-start stages of kidney failure. I was devastated and stopped all treats and food he was eating, and decided to make all his food. I also researched raw all natural diets and found Vital Essentials to supplement his new lifestyle. After a year of feeding him an all natural diet his kidney levels are back to normal and he is as healthy as ever. A raw all natural diet makes a huge difference and prolonged my pets life!” —Amber