Couture fashion doggies are chasing their dreams, not their tails. Perhaps the ultimate doggie dream is to be an elegant princess or prince, strutting down fashion runways, sashaying and frolicking at galas and posh fundraisers or posing on red carpets dressed to perfection in gorgeous custom couture fashions. Welcome to the beautiful world of Atlanta GirlZ Club® and G Girls Productions!

Atlanta GirlZ Club has been involved in pet fashion for more than a decade. As an influential pet Fashion, Fun & Fundraising brand featuring Lucy and Holly, we have for many years generously supported, sponsored, participated in and won trophies at numerous upscale pet events and elite pet fashion shows. The most important element of all events we attend, and a major component of our core mission, is helping animals in need via fundraising. Upscale pet fashion events generate serious fundraising dollars and all the participants are the primary monetary contributors.

Our love of being with other fashionable, pampered pets and their like-minded Moms and Dads happily crossed paths with G Girl Productions. G Girl Productions hosts elegant doggie fashion events across the country to raise money for rescue groups and shelters. This type of runway modeling takes more than a great body and a pretty face. It takes doggies of all breeds, shapes, colors and types bringing their A-game to help raise funds for animal rescue groups. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

If loving pet fashion is a crime, then I plead guilty. I adore dressing up my couture fashion models, Lucy and Holly, and they also love it. We attended the “Magnolia Masquerade Ball” held at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. G Girls’ elements of charity and fundraising greatly appeal to me because fundraising is at the heart of Atlanta GirlZ Club. Pampered, stylish pups, or “Dog-U-Tantes” as I have personally nicknamed couture doggies, and their pet paWrents from all over the country showed up for a chic, three-day event. Our furbabies were welcomed everywhere! The first day, we were driven via a luxury chauffeured van to a wonderful wine tour and luncheon. Everyone, especially our furbabies, dressed in their best garden party finery.

The Magnolia Masquerade Ball was an elegant gala with everyone dressed in chic formal attire. A lavish G Girl icesculpture greeted attendees at the ballroom entrance. Everyone enjoyed signature cocktails and a seated, full course dinner with music by a master DJ. Furbabies were also served individually plated meals of organic chicken and fresh veggies, along with Dog Pawrignon champagne and doggie cake for dessert. Of course, oodles of fashionwere the main attraction, as it is with all the G Girl runway shows, complete with fashion industry judges and trophies. Rob Sayegh, President and Founder of R World Media, Ltd. and his film crew were present filming all of the events, as well as conducting private interviews with Atlanta GirlZ Club and others. For the private judging and runway competition, Lucy and Holly wore magnificent ball gowns and headpieces created by popular couture designer Barbara Merrifield, owner of Bark N Boujee®. Lucy won high honors and a lovely trophy for “Second Heir to the Throne.” Holly also won high honors and a trophy at another G Girl formal event. Best of all, over $7,000 was raised for Canines for Service, a Charlotte rescue group.

While certainly not for everyone, the world of competitive pet fashion events is growing quite rapidly and best of all; it is a lucrative means to raise thousands for rescues and animals in need. A great deal of time, energy, a love of couture pet fashion and a passion for our furbabies goes into this level of fundraising. Atlanta GirlZ Club invites everyone in the pet community to attend G Girl events. There is a strong sense of community. People attend not only for friendly competition, but to visit with longtime friends and to make new ones, all while getting a mega dose of couture pet fashion and, mostly, to raise huge funds for rescues.

Atlanta GirlZ Club®
“We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising”

Kathi Welch owns Atlanta GirlZ Club® an influential pet Fashion, Fun & Fundraising brand featuring her fashionable doggie models, Lucy and Holly. As writers and contributors for several outlets and with their significant high profile and social media following, these GirlZ are well known pet influencers and public figures. They host and emcee events, are brand ambassadors and couture fashion models, as well as fashion print and runway models. Kathi and Lucy also have experience and backgrounds working in television. Lucy and Holly are professionally trained. They are trendy influencers in the pet community and have been featured on CNN, appeared on The Weather Channel and in YouTube videos and two books. Atlanta GirlZ Club® burst onto the Atlanta Pet Lifestyle Scene over a decade ago and use their celebrity to shine a light on animal welfare, animal rescues and fundraising efforts. Their brand motto is “We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising.” Their commitment and core mission is fundraising for animals in need.