Revive Hemp Chews with Dogs

Hemp and CBD oils have been gaining popularity the last few years, thanks to tons of social media and internet coverage. There are also many advertised benefits of these oils for humans, from pain relief to treatment for acne. But, can hemp oil also help out our best fur-iends? Are hemp chews safe for pups? Let’s get your questions answered.

Hemp Oil and Custom Terpene Profiles

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants including the cannabis plant. They shape how things smell and can affect canine and human biological responses. It’s important to understand the effects of different terpene profiles. For example, certain terpenes can cause irritation or create other negative reactions for pets. 

This is why we use custom terpene profiles that are third-party certified. In fact, all of our hemp chews provide a QR code on the packaging that leads you directly to certified lab results for that exact product. Each batch of Vital Essentials Hemp Chews is tested and analyzed to ensure the product meets the needs of your pet.

What do terpenes found in Hemp Chews do for dogs?

Just like us, our pups go through lots of change in their lifetime. Sometimes fireworks in the neighborhood are stressful, sometimes they get a thorn in their paw at the park, and other times their energy is a little low. 

Like humans, a dog’s natural responses to hunger, sleepiness, alertness, and pain are often driven by the enzymes in their Endocannabinoid System. This system is thought to play a role in regulating many functions in the body, including sleep, mood, appetite, and memory. This system is active in your body and your pet’s body even if you don’t use hemp-based products.

At Vital Essentials®, our team of animal nutrition experts looked to “nature’s oldest solution” and infused specially-formulated hemp oil into all-meat, freeze-dried chews. They’re made with all-natural raw freeze-dried beef, so they’re beneficial for health as well as delicious. Here’s a breakdown of our three types of hemp chews for dogs and how they can help your canine companion. 

  • RELAX: These calming dog treats are awesome for stressful situations like separation anxiety, thunderstorms, and the mailman. RELAX Hemp Chews are made to reduce nervousness and foster calmness.
  • RELIEF: This variety of our all-beef, grain-free chews are kind of like a natural pain reliever for dogs. RELIEF Hemp Chews may help reduce inflammation to offer pain relief and improved mobility.
  • REVIVE: Is your pup a little less energetic than usual? REVIVE Hemp Chews are specially made to improve your dog’s focus, energy, and motivation.

Are Hemp Chews safe for dogs?

Giving a dog vital essentials Relief Hemp Chews

Yes! Here’s why.

Our chews are USA made. They’re infused with hemp oil sourced from Wisconsin growers and tested by accredited third-party labs, also in our home state of Wisconsin. 

Our chews are custom-formulated. The hemp oil we use is prepared with specific terpene profiles. Specifically, this hemp oil uses a distillate with monoterpenes so dogs only receive the terpenes that are known to be non-harmful.

Our Hemp Chews come with a Certificate of Analysis, which guarantees there are no detectable solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides. Just scan the QR code on the product packaging to download a detailed breakdown from a third-party, state-certified testing laboratory.

Relax, Relieve, and Revive Your BFF with Hemp Chews for Dogs

We hope you give our all-beef, freeze-dried, grain-free hemp chews for dogs a try—our products are stocked across the country and online at retailers like Amazon.

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A special thanks to our hemp chews fan club co-presidents (and corgis), Navy and Duke. Navy’s a big fan of our RELIEF chews. You can follow them on Instagram @navycorgi.

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