cat kitten with holiday christmas gift

“Oh Christmas treat, oh Christmas treat …” 

As you’re preparing for the holiday season with decorations, cookies, candies and festive music, don’t forget to get pet-friendly gifts and add your dog or cat to the nice list (well, maybe the naughty list). We crafted the ultimate guide to holiday pet gifts and ways to embrace your jolly, go-lucky companion. 

Dog or Cat Bed

Even if your furry companion is allowed on the furniture—including taking up your bed—it’s always nice to give them a space to call their very own. Gift them a cozy, comfy spot for them to relax and snooze after endless holiday t-r-e-a-t-s and snuggles.

With a variety of selections, including rectangle and circle options, memory foam, and canopies, your pet will love that bed from all the rest. If your dog or cat already has a bed, maybe it’s time for an upgrade or even a travel pet bed that fits in your car for long road trips.

New or Favorite Pet Toys

It’s time to deck the halls with tennis balls and frisbees (and everything else that your pet loves!) It’s just as important to keep your pet mentally active as it is physically active, so toys that cater to challenging your pet are a plus.

Fun brain games for dogs and cats range from food dispensing toys, pet puzzles, stuffed bones and more. Our Freeze-Dried Rabbit Bite Treats fit perfectly inside most food dispensing toys and are a great way to reward your pet after a job well done.

Know your dog or cat can’t live without a certain toy? Stock up and purchase duplicates so if they lose or destroy their prized possession, you can easily replace it that same day.

Holiday-Themed Pet Gifts

Get your dog or cat ready to look festive when Santa Paws stops for a visit! Without trying to make them fit into an itchy Christmas sweater, there are other glamorous ways you can dress up your pet—and home—for the holiday season. 

  • Ornament – As you decorate your house for the holidays, create a custom paw print ornament to hang on the tree! With only a few ingredients, you can make a meaningful gift for the whole family to enjoy, including your furry friend.
  • Bandana – Either tie around their neck or slide onto their collar, a holiday bandana is a purfect way to dress up your dog without much hassle. Some of our favorite sayings on pet bandanas include “Feliz Naughty Dog”, “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” and “Santa’s Little Barker”.
  • Collar – From snowflakes and reindeer to colorful lights and plaid prints, a new pet collar with holiday patterns lets your pet jingle all the way around the house!
  • Stockings – Include your pet in the row of stockings hung by the tree with fun designs such as paw prints, dog bones or even their name! Not sure what to stuff in their stocking? Add smaller toys such as tennis balls or a wand teaser, a gift card to a local pet shop or groomer, or some premium treats like Freeze-Dried Beef Nibs or Freeze-Dried Minnows.— PSSt. Vital Essentials Family Size Treats: Beef Nibs, Rabbit Bites and Minnows are on sale for the holidays! Save $3 on these pawesome stocking stuffers today! Find a store near you or shop online to save on your holiday gifting early!

Pet Outdoor Gear

As your pets go dashing through the snow, they need some extra protection as they face the colder weather.

  • Leash – Instead of a retractable leash that might get buried in snow or stuck on snowbanks, get a heavy duty one such as a bungee or rope leash to help eliminate any mishaps.
  • Harness – As pups are slipping on ice, a durable harness will help stop them in their tracks and avoid pulling on their neck. Many harnesses are equipped for cold temperatures and have additional features such as a pet coat or water-resistant materials.
  • Dog Booties – With icy, cold sidewalks and salt-covered roads, it’s important to protect your pet’s precious pads with dog booties. Make sure to have your dog practice wearing them inside before walking on difficult winter terrain. If your dog’s pads are still irritatingly dry, make homemade dog paw balm and rub the balm in your fingers and onto their pad.

Meowy Christmas and Happy Howl-idays from the Vital Essentials team!