Do it yourself pet advent calendar. 12 Days of Christmas–DAY 3

This year has been ruff to say the least but, as Andy Williams says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. With Christmas quickly approaching and advent calendars flying off the shelf, we often forget about our animals at home. They love the holidays as much as we do, so let’s include them this year and create an advent calendar filled with their favorite Vital Essential Treats!

Supplies to make a pet advent calendar

Items you need for your pet’s advent calendar:

4 x 2 Chalkboard

● 10 Command strips or nails

● Wire or string

● Measuring tape

● Chalk

Christmas Countdown clothespins

● 24 Stockings or bags 

Vital Essentials Treats


First step is to measure

Start by measuring where the hooks should be placed. There will be a total of 5 rows. Starting from the bottom of the board, measure 9 inches above the floor and mark
the side of the board with chalk. Proceed to measure 8 inches up from the 9 inch mark and repeat till all 5 rows have been labeled on both sides.

Place the Command Strips or nails in your marked spot for both sides.

2) Place Command Strips or nails in your marked spot for both sides.

Cut 5 pieces of wire or string.

Cut 5 pieces of wire or string. The length of each piece should be 26 inches. For the first row, wrap the cut wire around the hook or nail until the wire is secured. Take the loose end of the wire and attach it to the other side. Make sure the wire is tight so your stocking does not drop into the other row.
Repeat this step until all rows have a wire attached. You’re almost done!

Clip the stockings onto your DIY pet advent calendar
Here’s the fun part: Start clipping all the stockings (or bags) to the wire and start filling it with yummy treats for your pet!

If you want, you can write a fun message at the top of the board or use holiday decorations to make it extra special. Get creative and have fun!



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