Hey everyone, it’s me, Jack. I hope you all had a great holiday and did not overindulge! Let me tell you, Agnes did. This is the reason why she is not here today for our photo shoot. Too much junk food! Agnes got into a plate of cookies and then hoarded them under the sofa. Mom just found her stash and put her in time out. She is mad she is not here, but I am thrilled to have you all to myself!


Since we own a dog store (okay okay, Mom owns a dog store) we get lots of treats. We also have lots of great people in our neighborhood that shower us with deliciousness! But, we now must get back on the healthy train again!

There are so many options for sticking to a Raw-solution. Here is how we start the day in our house:

Breakfast: Mom gives us turkey patties and a raw egg cracked on top! I can’t get enough. When mom opens the door to the fridge I know what it coming! Yum!

Mid morning snack: Since Agnes and I are petite, Mom chops up a few different snacks for our enjoyment. My favorite is a Moo Stick, Salmon Skin and a Chicken Neck, chopped into small pieces. I then wash it down with a green smoothie from the juice shop next door!

Mid afternoon snack: Beef Mini-Nibs with a splash of pumpkin puree (this helps my tummy after a season of binge-eating cookies!) Maybe a Bully Stick or Duck Head: either one is fabulous.

Dinner: Any frozen patty. I love them all, the fish is dee-lish, chicken is finger lickin’ and the turkey is so perky!


It did not take too long for us to get back on track after eating too many Christmas cookies, especially after making sure our freezer is stocked with so many raw delicacies. I feel better and have more energy. Agnes, on the other hand, sneaks too many cookies when mom isn’t looking, so it may take her a while. She will be back next month.


Happy Raw Year!