Hi! I’m Jack and I am back! This is usually the Jack and Agnes blog but…I told her we were doing this tomorrow, instead of today so she went back to bed. Agnes has been so persnickety this weekend that I decided I was going to do this on my own. She won’t even remember in the morning. It is so nice to be the smart one. Every once in a while, I need to showcase my talents without having her blocking the spotlight!

This episode involves the Vital Essentials’ Freeze Dried Better Wetter, Nicer Naked Taste Test Event at our shop. Whew, that was a mouthful. On a daily basis, I am able to choose whatever treat my little heart desires, so basically, I run the show, just like at home. Thank goodness I am so popular because I had some friends drop by to help me with this test.

I texted about fifty of my closest friends and twenty-five paw-ticipated! I know what you are thinking; WOW, Jack really has a LOT of friends. The truth is, I do, but some of the taste-testers just dropped by the shop to see what all the fuss was about. Here are the results of my Snack Attack Taste Test Smorgasbord.

  1. Twenty-five furry friends (but I only took pictures of my favorite peeps)
  2. One bowl of DRY Vital Essentials Freeze Mini Nibs (assorted flavors)
  3. One bowl of Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Mini Patties with water added (assorted flavors)
  4. 18 loved the DRY (including me, you will see me gobbling it up)
  5. 7 gobbled up the WET
  6. 5 made me hand them the dry pieces because they were too embarrassed to eat in front of people (my peeps are so polite!)
  7. They all loved it! Their humans bought it for them!
  8. Both can be used as meals or snacks. So versatile.

My best buddies Rocky and Kona Rose were beside themselves when I offered them the snacks. Kona Rose was not sure which one to eat because they were both delicious. Kona settled on the Nicer Naked Mini Nibs, and so did Rocky. They were pleasantly surprised. They are not used to me sharing my scrumptious snacks with them, so it was a nice change for them. I told them not to get used to it. After all, this is my store.

While both versions of these delectable treats are yummy (I actually went back and ate the wet Mini Patties as well) the Naked Mini Nibs won overall. I tried to convince them otherwise, but I am pleased with the results. Either way, I got all the leftovers. It was worth telling Agnes an itty-bitty lie!

Coming soon: Back to school and Christmas buying guides! I may need to have Agnes’s help with these! Happy eating everyone!

Ann Marie Sindt is the owner of Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in Asheville, North Carolina. She and her husband Kevin bought the store in 2016 when they took a leap of faith and relocated to Western North Carolina for a more relaxed life with their two sons. They brought two dogs with them to Asheville and have since acquired three more. Ann Marie never turns down a foster dog that can fit in with her pack of canines. They have previously lived in Hong Kong, Oregon, Georgia and Florida.