Record breaking cold weather is sweeping across the country, and chances are you (and your pets) are being effected by these chilly temperatures! While pets have coats to keep them from getting too cold, there’s only so much their fur can do in such intense frigid temperatures. Keep in mind these helpful tips during the winter, especially during times of extreme cold temperatures, to ensure your pets stay safe, happy and healthy while they’re indoors!

Stay indoors

Keep your time outside to a minimum! And when you do have to go out, be sure you always keep an eye on your pet and keep them on a leash. We know that exercise is important, but keeping your pet safe should be your number one priority in this weather. If your pet tends to become restless, read our blog post about indoor activities with your pet for tips  on staying active while you’re stuck inside.


Bundle Up

When you do have to make your way outside for the inevitable bathroom break, make sure your pet (and you) are dressed warm! Any exposed skin on a dogs nose, ears, or paws are susceptible to frostbite. Maybe it’s time to try our a new style by putting your dog in a sweater, vest, or booties to help protect them from the elements!


Leave them at home

We know hot cars are unsafe for pets in the winter; the same issues arise with the cold. Even the inside of your car can drop to dangerously low temperatures when it’s this cold out. Run your errands on your own and keep your pet safe and snuggled up at home. If you absolutely need to bring them with, make sure they are never unattended.


Keep those paws clean

Wipe down your pets feet every time they come inside! Ice, salt, and other chemicals used during cold weather can build up on their paws, and you don’t want your dog digesting that. If possible, try to purchase pet-safe ice melt to be extra cautious. Cold weather can also cause paws to crack and bleed, so keep a close watch on their paws; trimming the hair in between can help prevent ice buildup.


Be Prepared

Make sure any potentially dangerous items are out of harms way. Things like space heaters or electric blankets can easily burn pets if they come to close or overheat. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of food, treats, and fresh water for your pets, incase cold weather keeps you inside for longer than anticipated.


And remember, watch for any problems when pets are outside. If your dog is shaking, whining, anxious, shivering or weak, take them inside immediately; these are signs of hypothermia.

Now that you’re ready to brave the cold (from the warm indoors), check out our blog for other interesting information, or our Instagram for pet photos that make anyone smile!