Louie the Cat with Vital Cat raw cat food

Louie’s Story: Vital Essentials Cat Food Makes a Big Difference in his Health, Coat, and Energy

We’d like to share Louie’s story with you. Louie is a PAWesome Vital Cat sup-paw-tor and his mom Sienna couldn’t be happier with the benefits he’s experienced since switching to Vital Essentials. Here’s what Sienna has to say:

Louie is currently enjoying the Chicken and Turkey Mini Patties. I have always been concerned about the ingredients in cat treats, but I have no worries at all when it comes to Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs. Louie will walk over to where we store the treats, and he will meow for them! I think his favorite are the Rabbit Bites and he seems to want to play with the Minnows!

I learned all about your brand at a pet boutique here in Mesa, Arizona, and I love that you guys have the VE RAW BAR, with treats such as Chicken Necks. Louie really went to town on a Chicken Neck that we brought home last weekend. He ate half of it! I also pick up extra snacks from the RAW BAR for my customers’ dogs. I clean houses for a living, and I love my clients pets as if they were my own.

I have noticed, since feeding Louie Vital Cat, that his coat is shiny, he barely sheds now and, of course, the vomiting has stopped.

He’ll be 12-years-old this summer, but he doesn’t act it. He’s more vibrant, more talkative, more playful, and his eyes even appear to be brighter! He is excited for his meals, now. He gives me more kisses and cuddles, as if he’s showing me how much happier he is. He is also gaining weight back, instead of losing up to a pound a year.

It’s as if your products have turned Louie into the kitten he once was. I just can’t believe the difference that we see in him. Even the cat box looks and smells better with him being on his new food! The changes are all adding up, and they’re unbelievable. He even looks more muscular! Must be all that healthy protein!

Your products have changed his life, for the better. Louie’s confidence is back up and I’m also more confident, too. I had been walking on eggshells the past month, since Louie had gotten sick right before switching his food, but not anymore. The proof is right in front of my eyes.

I just wanted Louie to be happy, and healthy. I believe that he truly is, now, since discovering Vital Essentials.

I have read nothing but amazing reviews, and the clerk at the pet store even ranted and raved about these products. I now know why! They’re all true! I’m seeing it through my own eyes.

I will forever be grateful to you guys, and the transparency your company has.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart,

Sienna & Louie