Our 4th annual Love Your Pet Day Contest was a paw-some success, thanks to the wonderful Vital Essentials customers that entered their pet’s photos and stories. While every single pet (and owner) is special, we’ve featured a few of our favorite posts from the contest below. So show some love and grab the tissue, because there are some heartfelt tributes here:

happy pet dog

@luckypartiyorkie: “Lucky’s unconditional love, his puppy eyes, his happiness and brightness warm our hearts everyday! Just wanted to say we love you Lucky! 💜💕🥰 “
woman with two dogs on a hike
@myadventurertails: “I never imagined this would be my life. That I’d be obsessed with two dogs and in constant pursuit of happiness with those two dogs by my side. If it looks like my hands are full, you should see my heart.”
woman with fluffy cat taking a selfie
@birdie_beanie: “Here’s to my fierce, feisty, fat, food loving queen! I love it when you cuddle with me on the coach (aka stick your butt in my face), crawl under the covers with me in bed, and watch tv with me. You and me are two peas in a pod and I can’t love you more than I already do!”
dog snuggled on the couch
@2aussie_adventure: “Happy national love your pet day! I have such sweet babies! They are always there to brighten my day and want to be by my side whether we are going hiking or relaxing on the couch. It’s never a bad time when I’m with them.”
cat wearing a sweater vest
@adysnarkster: “My greatest love, from 4 weeks old to 6 months. Always a fighter and I don’t know what I’d do without her ❤️  #ilovemyvepet”
bulldog with owner
@lifesdandyrosie: “My soulmate dog 💛 The day you came into my life you saved me & for that I’m forever grateful. Within out you, there would be no me. You’ve helped me grow so much as a human. From influencing my job career, to helping me deal with my anxiety/ptsd, making me laugh on rough days, making me smile by pawing at me when I’m sad/crying. I can just look at you and know I’ll be OK. The bond we share is indescribable, I truly feel like a mother and you are my fur-daughter.. a love so strong that will never be broken or forgotten. I wish you could live with me forever, or for at least a longer period of time. I know that one day you’ll be gone, and I’ll be sad for awhile.. I’ll open my heart to another, but no one will ever replace or compare to you. We’ve been through so much together. Good times, bad times. Health scares, & changing to live a healthier lifestyle, And so much more! I would move heaven on earth for you, to give you all that you give me daily. The unconditional love, the happiness and joy you bring, the warm snuggles you give, the laughter you create. I thank you for every single day we’ve spent together and for all the future days we have left. You’re my soulmate Rosie, I love you forever and always. I could probably write about why I love you forever.”
french bulldog on the beach
@dunkinthefrenchie: “Happy National Love Your Pet Day🐾❤️🐾 Mom says I bring love, laughter and joy to everyone I come in contact with! Mom had an Olde English Bulldog before me – that she sadly had to let go when she was 12 due to cancer. She and Dad were going to focus on traveling – but, then I happened. My human sister @mandy_cagle had a French Bulldog (Brody, my 1/2 brother) and Mom puppy sat him – 3 months later she picked me up. And, things have not been the same since. Before me, Mom always had big dogs – but, as you can see, I totally stole her heart❣️We love doing charity events for rescue pups that haven’t been as fortunate at love as me. Our one wish is that they will all find their forever homes and know this kind of love. We want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful people involved in rescue and foster groups!”
pet cat adopted
@noltefosters: “This is why I love fostering… Mac (aka Felix) came to us when he was just 4 weeks old and under 1 pound. He was sick and we didn’t think he was going to make it for a while.. well he got healthy, was adopted by @aewill3 and now terrorizes his sister Muffin. He is about 8 pounds and mischievous as they come.”
dog running on trail
@bark_n_boujee: “love this face right here ☝️ Not because she’s perfect, she’s far from it. Because she pushes me to be better, to be kinder, more patient, and to be brave for the things that are important. She forces me to face things about myself that I would rather not. She makes me have more empathy for myself, because I see so many of the same things in her. She loves me every day, and I love her too- every second ❤️ #ilovemyvepet because she makes every day brighter, and because we make each other better every day.”
two cats looking at camera
@noltefosters: “We love or sweet girls Heidi and Carli because they not only show their love to us, but also help us socialize young foster kittens :)”

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